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Matthieu Darras


Matthieu Darras


Programmer of the Cannes Critics' Week

Matthieu Darras graduated with MAs in political sciences and sociology. Still he spent most of his studying time planning travels abroad, such as reportage on Hong Kong cinema or investigation on Buraku people in Japan. His interest for Far East led him to write the Asian pages of the Larousse Dictionary of Cinema. Since 1999 he collaborates with the film magazine Positif.

A one-year university programme in Amsterdam was a turning point towards the foundation of NISI MASA in 2001, a European network of young cinema enthusiasts. As director of the association, Matthieu Darras has been implementing dozens of cinema events in twenty countries of Europe and beyond. The range of NISI MASA activities to coordinate is wide: from documentary workshops to scriptwriting seminars passing by the publication of books or daily magazines during film festivals, etc. One of NISI MASA’s preeminent projects is the organisation of a European Script Contest for Short Films.

From 2005 to 2009, Matthieu Darras worked as programmer for the Cannes Critics’ Week. He’s currently both artistic co-director of Alba International Film Festival in Italy and artistic director of Bratislava International Film Festival in Slovakia. Matthieu Darras is also scouting 1st and 2nd feature film projects for the Torino Film Lab.