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Rosa Sophia Rodriguez Ruiz


Rosa Sophia Rodriguez Ruiz


Film Editor

Degree in Broadcasting from the University of Lima. In 1994 she graduated from Mount in Film Edition by the International School of Film and TV (EICTV) of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. More than 10 years of professional experience as an editor has given her the opportunity to work with a variety of genres, formats and directors such as Pedro Carvajal, Javier Corcuera and Javier Rebollo. She focuses in the field of documentary, having participated as an editor in more than 15 titles.
Her credits include, among others: “Those who remained” (Benito Zambrano, 1993) awarded in Leipzig and Buenos Aires, a feature documentary “Daughters of Belen” (Javier Corcuera, 1993), “Paradise Road” (Manuel Martin Cuenca, 2002) and “Dry land” (Natalia Díaz, 2002) which were both awarded at the Docúpolis - Documentary Film Festival of Barcelona. She is also the director of “Jonah”, a short film selected at the prestigious festival in Clermont-Ferrand. Moreover, she is the co-founder and editorial board member of the film magazine “The refuge” and is the creator/moderator of Cinemaperu, an online group of Latin American filmmakers. She has also been invited to judge in several film festivals, including the Huesca Film Festival.
Along with her career, she regularly acts as a lecturer and consultant for multiple film schools in Latin America, Spain, and Cuba.