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Tapan Sinha


Tapan Sinha


Film Director

Sinha was born in 1924 and graduated with a degree in science from the University of Calcutta. He began his film career as a sound engineer at New Theatres Calcutta in 1946. Four years later, he received an invitation to the London Film Festival and had the opportunity of working at the prestigious Pinewood Studios. He was in the U.K. for two years before returning to India.

Drawing upon American and British influences, he then turned his attention to film directing. Rabindranath Tagore was also a great source of inspiration to Sinha, who has made three films based on Tagore’s stories: “Kabukiwala”, “Hungry Stones” (Khudito Pashan), and “Atithi”.

In 1957, his film “Kabuliwala” was shown in the Berlin Film Festival. Tapan Sinha’s works have won 19 national film awards in various categories. His films have also won Laurels in the International Film Festivals of Berlin, Venice, London, Moscow, San Francisco, Locarno, Seoul, and at the Cork Festival in Ireland.

Sinha currently resides in Calcutta (Kolkata).


★4th Festival Recommended Movies★



Director:Tonny Trimarsanto
A very interesting movie; the treatment is brilliant and special because it is dealt in a very different way creating a strange sensitivy. A new dimension is revealed paving the way to claim their rightful demands. A good effort.

The Whistle

The Whistle (19min.)

Director:Jung, Youngho
A remarkable movie with a great story telling; the theme is quite novel. The appcal is direct and the acting by the performers is wonderful. Cinematography is also well done.

The Telegraph Pole Mother

The Telegraph Pole Mother (10min.)

Director:Yusuke Sakamoto
very good film with an interesting idea in alignment with the crisis of contemporary time; the subtle treatment is highly metaphoric. The lyricism creates a strange curiosity in the mind of the viewer.

The Clearing

The Clearing (10min.)

A symbolic experimental movie treated exceptionally with an expertise of filmmaking. There is a strange element of simplicity in the story telling. Time as a puddle is a very appealing representation.

A Shift in Perception

A Shift in Perception (16min.)

Director:Dan Monceaux
A nice movie with an excellent treatment; the perspective of a blind is so interestingly depicted in the movie. I have rarely seen such creative work, a cinema at its best.


Mikosh (13min.)

The theme is distant and farfected. A lyrical story telling. A very appealing shot taking and the magnification factor was superior.


FOG (8min.)

Director:Emilio Ramos
It is a personal film dealt with an expertise of good cinema making. It has a possibility of getting focused into a brilliant feature.

The Pond

The Pond (6min.)

Director:Huang Ying
A fantastic execution by the filmmaker… to view the greater perspective of life through the simple narrative of the dragonfly.

Exploding Buds

Exploding Buds (20min.)

Director:Petra Schroder
A personal film with an original technical dealing… A loaded fairy tale… yet exciting.

The Spirit Child

The Spirit Child (8min.)

Director:Elinor Geller
A good movie capable of attracting the attention of children but excessive commentary has reduced its excellence.