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Lecturer at the Beijing Film Academy, Cinematographer, Director

Born in 1968, Chi started his career at an advertising agency. In 1992, he was involved in producing TV shows for CCTV and also the assistant cameraman of “To Live” (directed by Yi-Mou Zhang, cinematography by Lule, winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival). Wrote “The Developing History of Chinese Movie Cinematography” (published by Chinese Movie Publishing House) with his mentor at the Beijing Film Academy graduate school in 2002. Since then, Chi has been a lecturer in the Cinematography Department of the Beijing Film Academy. He was also chosen as one of the 100 Most Influential Advertising Film Directors in China, awarded by Advertising Pointer.


★4th Festival Recommended Movies★

The Pond

The Pond (6min.)

Director:Huang Ying
This animation is classic chinese painting style. It is seemed softly and elegantly. And the two dragon flies are vivid and depicted elaboratly. We almost ignore the movement in this film, just deeply sink into the beautiful and scilent atmosphere.


NASIJA (11min.)

Director:Guillermo Rios
The expression of this film is untradditional and story-self is attractive.The montage in this film is extrally wonderful and greatly influences my emotion.And the unnormal viewpoint and meaningful color make me experience a terrible punishment to death.

The Whistle

The Whistle (19min.)

Director:Jung, Youngho
It's a extrally moving story. The plot is simple but has great power to shock others. The behavior of this little boy are ordinary but stand up his complex feeling. The images are similar to this plot:look like peaceful but suddently give a great hit on your mind.



Director:Tonny Trimarsanto
The transsexual are strange group around us. But this director uses his camera directly to their life.And through their behavior and words, we can understand their heart eager to respected by others. Images in it are to common to notice camera's movenment and changes between each single picture.

Exploding Buds

Exploding Buds (20min.)

Director:Petra Schroder
It is an ordinary fairy tale about love. But the expression is very intresting. Light and fresh colors make it like a classic living theatre. And director also puts many superrealistic elements in it. They are really imagic. The picture of this film is great and attractive.


FOG (8min.)

Director:Emilio Ramos
It gives us a lovely imagination about clouds.
Images here make us feel like watching through fog.Very interesting!

The Clearing

The Clearing (10min.)

A unusual soccer match happened in an old man's memory. Black and white images call up nostalgic atmosphere. But it does not decrease attention,contrarily,it attracts us to its intresting plot.

4 1/4

4 1/4 (12min.)

Director:Aundre Johnson
About fusion and reality of a photographer is a special subject. The compose is beautiful. And the performance is natural.

The Telegraph Pole Mother

The Telegraph Pole Mother (10min.)

Director:Yusuke Sakamoto
It's a touching animation. The subject to choose a telegraph ploe as a mother is creative. The images taste good, although they are a little simple.


Mikosh (13min.)

The story cares humanity by a old broken shoe. This stuff links each moving life sence. The movement of the shadow and light greatly inflence the speed of the scenario.