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Shoichiro Sasaki


Shoichiro Sasaki


Director of Audio and Visual Images

As a director at NHK, he has produced a variety of programs and has planned, written and directed for both radio and television dramas. He is a two-time Emmy Award winning director, as well as a double winner of the Prix Italia Grand Prix in both the radio and television categories, a four-time winner of Best Prize at the Media Art Festival, and several more prizes both in his native Japan and abroad. His older works still attract the attention of younger audiences, and his radio and film works from decades ago can still be enjoyed, His work, which crosses media, genres, and borders has influenced many film visionaries. He is a member of the TVMAN UNION and a professor in the Faculty of Information and Communication at Bunkyo University.


★1st Festival Recommended Movies★

Once Upon a Time a King

Once Upon a Time a King (10min.)

Director:Massimiliano Mauceri
Bravissimo! Flowing images, flowing sounds and voices, flowing acting topped with Mozart. Disturbances of the water droplets, the deep and exploring mirror, splendid lighting, simplicity of the set, a sophisticated scenario and an unbroken direction. It is a stream of consciousness of real life people.

Out of Time

Out of Time (12min.)

Director:Blake Ritson, Dylan Ritson
The intrinsic problem of language in work, love, soul, and in solitude. Strong scenario and direction with a perfect montage.

Djamel's Eyes

Djamel's Eyes (11min.)

Director:David Casals-Roma
Poetry ... No one can exist without its effect, even the Sahara, the Mediterranean sea, Djamel, the nurse, and the man. This film gives viewers, while still in Tokyo, more than a passing thought of Gibraltar and Sicily, of London and Najaf. The most lyrical, poetically abundant candidate.


SWAT (5min.)

Director:Masato Riesser
The most intellectually challenging film. You can't take your eyes off; even for a blink.
The center of this piece rests in the detachment from the child, as his hands are never depicted as he slaps his own fathers face.

End of Line

End of Line (15min.)

Director:Mario Cosentino
If you have an unsolvable problem, get yourselves a ride with this bus driver and head for the "End of Line"; your worries are good as solved. The bus driver and the passengers, the prostitute, the teacher, the two men. All of these had to have been created by the director at extreme cost. The work is a tribute to such characters. A masterpiece (of the Italian spirit) that brings out what's inside of them.

Dangerous Animal

Dangerous Animal (9min.)

Director:Thomas Frick
Arab, oil money, pagans, suicide bombing ? Pack them all in a box and blow it up! A comedic piece filled with irony.


Ohayo (20min.)

Director:Shinya Okada
The daily life of a young couple is described quietly. Their acting is so natural, so fresh, so universal, no celebrity in Japan could do a better job at creating a gentle atmosphere.


Please (15min.)

Director:Tom Geens
An unrelieved tragedy of the "sufferers" who have become accustomed to the easy way of life. Their lives are transmitting SOS to us.

The Burning Sun

The Burning Sun (20min.)

The sun is burning above the people, therefore life is walking a long path with the burden of carrying the water vase on our shoulders. Rich volume of water and a river. This is a story is about the importance of that one drop of water in a town near the river. The main character and all the other people comes to life, there souls extending beyond the screen. Personally, I could have done without the pee scenes.


Teatime (5min.)

Director:Paul Fuller
When you thought it was a classy tea time, it was a cruel, London-style nursery tale much like Mother Goose.