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Peter Millynn


Peter Millynn


Production Executive, Australian Film Television & Radio School

Active as a film, music video, and television producer, Millynn has been involved in the production of some 270 short movies and has served as Production Executive for six years at the Australian Film Television & Radio School (AFTRS), a national organization that offers small group lessons and turns out talented individuals for the film industry.


★2nd Festival Recommended Movies★

Little Seal

Little Seal (19min.)

Director:Bo Dalum
Amazing production values and probably a budget to match it is the story and the execution of that story that make this film work and work well. The performances are subtle and convincing and the scenario entirely believable. This was one of the rare occasions where a short film left me wanting more ... waniting to know more about the characters. A particularly terrific performance from the juvenile lead.


Ouch! (9min.)

Director:Ken Wardrop
Clever and engaging documentary in a mocumentary style. Nicely incorporating elements usually confined to the musical genre. The whole pice is funny, ironic and clever. Great use of score to underline the irony.


Perkele (18min.)

Director:Arto Tuohimaa
Three stories about three characters within one film in 18 minutes … no small achievement in itself. The performances carry the audience to identify with all of the frailties of the three men yet hope for positive outcomes for all. Humanity at many levels in a frozen world.


Astronauts (8min.)

Director:Matthew Walker
CGI characters who can make the audience laugh are an obvious success. When those same CGI characters make yo feel desperation, lonlieness and contempt you must be on a winner. A seemless soundscape made it all come together.

Lemonade Stand-Off

Lemonade Stand-Off (7min.)

Director:Michelle Douglas
Without synch sound this short is able to depend on strong characters and a great sense of irony and comic timing to avoid slapstick. The score and sound design contribute enormously to the success of the piece. Cute without being cliched the film has universal themes played beautifully by the all child cast.


ROBOTA (10min.)

Director:Marc Beurteaux
Using only Lego and stop-motion technique the filmaker has created a great sense of character, time and place. The clever use of lighting is one of the key elements that lead to this success. The tag is as sad as it is funny.

The End

The End (19min.)

Director:Jose Luis Montesinos Bernabe
While a tad repetative and probably 4-5 minutes longer than it needed to be or could sustain this is an interesting concept played well and shot gorgeously. For such a dire subject the filmakers extract the black humour subtlly and effectively.

Orange Boy 'An inquiry'

Orange Boy 'An inquiry' (5min.)

Director:Hokwon Kim
A funny and funky CGI film that had me chucklig from beginning to end. Surely there is a series in Orange Boy … loved the closing title tune.

The Chamber

The Chamber (5min.)

Director:Yu Seock-hyun
Worlds within worlds and boxes within boxes. A clever concept tht engaged and entertained. Whoo is manipulating who indeed!

Tame Like a Lamb

Tame Like a Lamb (12min.)

Director:Hanno Olderdissen
Deeply disturbing yet emotionally engaging. The filmakers have created believable characters in a credible world. I was uncertain at first whose story was portrayed but felt satisfied with the conclusion that it was a story about the group and their commonality and difference. Beautiful cinematography and a clear design all added up to an engaging world.

★1st Festival Recommended Movies★

In the Mossy Courtyard

In the Mossy Courtyard (16min.)

Director:Vuong Minh Viet
A short film that creates it's own world inhabited by totally believable characters.The film deals with sensitive issues that could have easliy been hit with a heavy hand … but here we have a sensitive one armed old man taunted by his demons and the cruel irony of chilren reducing war to a game. I was left with a sense of lingering powerlessness in the young learning from the experiences of those who went before them.

Hinomaru Restaurant

Hinomaru Restaurant (20min.)

Director:Kukai Morita
A biting satire of all things Japanese and American. Very high production values, deft direction and a great cast give us the oportunity to suspend our disbelief … what if? Would Japan have tried to teach America to be Japanese as the US tought Japan the ways of the west ... Rock and Roll indeed!

Djamel's Eyes

Djamel's Eyes (11min.)

Director:David Casals-Roma
A sureal tale of vision and confinement, of blindness and freedom. Using a simple set and concentrating on performance the director has guided a fine cast to answer questions about the nature of imagination and what blocks some of us from seeing what is plain to those who stop long enough to look. The sailor who can no longer see the sea is made whole again by a friendship and a shared vision. Beautiful.

End of Line

End of Line (15min.)

Director:Mario Cosentino
In a shimmering and dreamy lanscape a group of people deal with the realisation that it is the end of the line for all of them. Their lives are described in flashback … the performances are subtle and understated and at no time does the high level of production values overpower the clear and compelling story.

Yankee Elegy

Yankee Elegy (16min.)

Director:Yoshito Honma
I find it difficult to define exactly what it is about this film that touched me so much … then I realised that I was too engrossed in the story to be analysing the film! Although it could have been better a couple of minutes shorter I was enthrawled by the interplay between the characters and deeply invested in the outcome.

Dimensional Escape

Dimensional Escape (8min.)

Director:Yuichiro Saeki

Out of Time

Out of Time (12min.)

Director:Blake Ritson, Dylan Ritson

Natsu, Sora and Our Futures

Natsu, Sora and Our Futures (10min.)

Director:Yoshihide Ibata


KOUGAN (11min.)

Director:Sharaku (Wataru Kuroishi)


Teatime (5min.)

Director:Paul Fuller