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Dennis Lim


Dennis Lim


Film Editor and Film Critic for Village Voice
United States of America

Dennis Lim is a film editor and critic for Village Voice, a New York-based newspaper known for its brash journalism and influential reviews and is an active member of the New York Film Critics Circle. He is also a contributing editor to Cinema Scope magazine.


★3rd Festival Recommended Movies★

The Gospel of The Creole Pig

The Gospel of The Creole Pig (19min.)

Director:Michelange Quay
A brilliantly suggestive meditation on the relationship between religious and capitalist ritual, between local history and the global economy. The images are bold and provocative; the allusive, poetic manner in which they are linked even more so.

  Love Me or Leave Me Alone

Love Me or Leave Me Alone (14min.)

Director:Duane Hopkins
Accomplished, atmospheric filmmaking, beautifully attuned to the dramatic push-pull of teenage love. An eloquent film about inarticulate characters.

Broad Day

Broad Day (11min.)

Director:Rajeev Ahuja
A harrowing scenario, played out with a restraint that only adds to the horror.

Men from Older Space

Men from Older Space (13min.)

Director:Yann Chayia
Clever, resonant variation on the zombie movie--eerie, witty, and stylish.

Eramos Pocos

Eramos Pocos (16min.)

A wry, sneaky film with a subversive conclusion: It suggests that happy families can be built on a shared delusion


Avatar (15min.)

Director:Lluis Quilez
A tense and elegant little thriller, with a well-sustained mood and a suitably nasty sting.

In experiment…

In experiment… (10min.)

Director:Elena Solodkova
An unfathomable tragedy gains a personal dimension in this documentary, which effectively balances sorrow and indignation.


Odile (10min.)

Director:Didier Blasco
The slenderest of vignettes, but the small shifts in tone--from deadpan to joyous--are nicely handled.

Bus Ride And Flowers In Her Hair

Bus Ride And Flowers In Her Hair (8min.)

Director:Asaf Agranat
Simple, charmingly crude animation--the rhythms and repetitions are pleasurably hypnotic.

Slavek the Shit

Slavek the Shit (15min.)

Director:Grimur Hakonarson
A sweet-natured romance that regards its middle-aged protagonists without the slightest hint of condescension.

★2nd Festival Recommended Movies★


LOGO (17min.)

Director:Tetsuya Takahasky
A smart concept, resourcefully executed with minimal means. It strikes
just the right tone, both ominous and funny.


Sister (13min.)

Director:Daniel Mulloy
Tense and moody, with a strong sense of place. A perceptive portrait
of teenage tribalism and the challenges of assimilation.


Perkele (18min.)

Director:Arto Tuohimaa
Immensely likable, draws unforced humor from small moments.

Luca's Evangelium

Luca's Evangelium (20min.)

Director:Johann Sachs
A serious attempt to come to terms with a tough subject.
Bold and effective use of a pseudo-verite style.

Summer Clouds

Summer Clouds (15min.)

Director:Axel Danielson
Sustains an aura of mystery and quiet suspense.


Torime (20min.)

Director:Masayuki Nakazawa
Rough around the edges, but the unhurried pace works, and it has moral and psychological depth.

Heavy Pockets

Heavy Pockets (6min.)

Director:Sarah Cox
Whimsical, dark, a memorable visual style.

The Chamber

The Chamber (5min.)

Director:Yu Seock-hyun
A small but very precise film, nicely actualized.


Initiation (14min.)

Director:Roman Filippov
Predictable material, but shot with great assurance.


ROBOTA (10min.)

Director:Marc Beurteaux
At once labor-intensive and charmingly crude. Depressed urban setting is a plus.

★1st Festival Recommended Movies★

Hinomaru Restaurant

Hinomaru Restaurant (20min.)

Director:Kukai Morita

In the Mossy Courtyard

In the Mossy Courtyard (16min.)

Director:Vuong Minh Viet

Once Upon a Time a King

Once Upon a Time a King (10min.)

Director:Massimiliano Mauceri


Ohayo (20min.)

Director:Shinya Okada


Arachnotelephonophobia (4min.)

Director:Matt Burn

Out of Time

Out of Time (12min.)

Director:Blake Ritson, Dylan Ritson


Demon (11min.)

Director:Irina Evteeva


Responsibility (17min.)

Director:Yeo Han Hwee

The Memory of His Fist

The Memory of His Fist (20min.)

Director:Kazuo Kono

Dimensional Escape

Dimensional Escape (8min.)

Director:Yuichiro Saeki