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Masahiro Kobayashi


Masahiro Kobayashi


Film Director

Kobayashi’s 1982 screenplay “Namae no Nai Kiiroi Sarutachi” (Yellow Monkeys that have No Name) won the 8th Kido Award and stimulated him to pursue a screenwriting career.

Born in Tokyo in 1954, Koayashi made his directorial debut in 1996 with “Closing Time”. This was followed in 1998 by “Kaizokuban” (Bootleg Film), in 2000 by “Koroshi”, and in 2000 by “Aruku, Hito” (The Man who Walked on Snow). His remarkable achievements include three consecutive films included in the Cannes Film Festival.

His 7th film, “Bashing” (2006 Japan release), was an Official Competition selection at Cannes, and was awarded the Grand Prize at the Tokyo FILMeX Competition. It also received the Special Jury Prize at the Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran, along with numerous other awards, and has received high praise internationally.


★3rd Festival Recommended Movies★

In experiment…

In experiment… (10min.)

Director:Elena Solodkova
An excellent documentary, reflecting the will of the creator straight.
2nd Maestro (Geza M. Toth)


Maestro (5min.)

Director:Geza M. Toth
Very exquisite. Not only achieving a high level as an animation, but also expressing humanity of strong rebellion.

The Gospel of The Creole Pig

The Gospel of The Creole Pig (19min.)

Director:Michelange Quay
Very exquisite. Not only achieving a high level as an animation, but also expressing humanity of strong rebellion.

Hogtown Blues

Hogtown Blues (17min.)

Director:Hugh Gibson
Immigrant father and daughter from Russia living in Toronto. Without music, with close-ups all through the piece, follows the tragedy of those immigrants.

Two Daisies

Two Daisies (20min.)

Director:Pabro Baka
Reliable directing skill. Strong! Quite a bit!!

Slavek the Shit

Slavek the Shit (15min.)

Director:Grimur Hakonarson
A story about a toilet cleaner and full of humanism. A capitalist society charges money even for excretion (bathrooms).

Broken Wire

Broken Wire (8min.)

Director:Juan Carlos Mostaza
A masterpiece of 3D animation. The "wired" people create the suspense.
It's amazing to see how suspense is built without human expressions!

sugar inc.

sugar inc. (15min.)

Director:Clara Chong
Through the setting of the sweet-workshop's employment examinations, the piece depicts the feminine aspects of humanity in fine style. Erotic. Mellow, sweet piece only women can put into realization.

Eramos Pocos

Eramos Pocos (16min.)

A piece full of humanism. But lacks in sociality.

  Love Me or Leave Me Alone

Love Me or Leave Me Alone (14min.)

Director:Duane Hopkins
Precise directing skill. Good script. Camera work is also excellent. But lacks in sociality.