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Fei Zhao


Fei Zhao


Cinematographer, Professor, Beijing Film Academy

Zhao graduated from the Beijing Film Academy’s Department of Film in 1982. His unforgettable images such films as “Raise the Red Lantern” (Top Foreign Films Award by the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures (NBRMP) and his winning of Best Cinematography at the Los Angeles Film Critics Award (LAFCA)) have made him one of the most influential filmmakers in China. His recent works include participation in works by Woody Allen. Since 1998, he has been helping to train new talent for Chinese cinema at the Beijing Film Academy.


★1st Festival Recommended Movies★

Djamel's Eyes

Djamel's Eyes (11min.)

Director:David Casals-Roma
1). The theme is well selected with good sense of Macro-European with his unique understanding of the local political environment.

2). The "bird-eye-view" way and the simple set in a very single room gives him the unlimited space for the wild imagination.

3). The good compose of the picture together with the simple lighting and the layer / shadow.

4). The color ( only white, blue & green ) gives the characters very subtle meaning

End of Line

End of Line (15min.)

Director:Mario Cosentino


Responsibility (17min.)

Director:Yeo Han Hwee

Yankee Elegy

Yankee Elegy (16min.)

Director:Yoshito Honma

Das Ende

Das Ende (9min.)

Director:Anton Galin

Dimensional Escape

Dimensional Escape (8min.)

Director:Yuichiro Saeki

Kael the Ghost Story

Kael the Ghost Story (7min.)

Director:Norihito Iki


Arachnotelephonophobia (4min.)

Director:Matt Burn

Hinomaru Restaurant

Hinomaru Restaurant (20min.)

Director:Kukai Morita


Disappeared (8min.)

Director:Aleksi Raij