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Teruyo Nogami


Teruyo Nogami


Production Manager of Kurosawa Production Co.

Except for "The Idiot," Nogami has been involved in the making of all Kurosawa films since “Rashomon” and has won the respect of cineastes worldwide as an indispensable member of the Kurosawa production team.


★2nd Festival Recommended Movies★

The Chamber

The Chamber (5min.)

Director:Yu Seock-hyun
This film is full of extremely entertaining surprises. I enjoyed the unique idea of using the same film sets in different sizes and the close attention to every movement of the characters. The last scene shows flashes of technical brilliance- zooming out to a frame with a beetle flying in.

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing (14min.)

Director:Natalia Beliauskene
At first I have no idea what the two men are doing, then I find out they are duelling. There is no explanation, but in a scene where one of the duelists returns home I can guess the reason of the duel from the tearful apologies of his wife from the next room. This movie is remarkable in expressing what is off the screen. The fishing scene with the last title was great.


Ouch! (9min.)

Director:Ken Wardrop
I don't know much about circumcision, but it seems painful! Ken Wordrop is skillful at presentation and at using music. I was impressed with the scene where the nurses come in dancing like revue girls. I like his sense of humor.

A Stay

A Stay (10min.)

Director:Catherine Buffat /Jean-Luc Greco
This is a touching domestic play. Not only are the dolls made with great care but the set is also very detailed down to the corners. Minute movements of the grandmother are also good. This Masterpiece is full of nostalgia for the good old days in a tuna processing plant in the hometown Vervedere, with melancoly music.

Bird Becomes Bird

Bird Becomes Bird (5min.)

Director:Lucy Lee
What a beautiful hand-drawn movie! The sun glows so briliantly, and the icefield truly looks freezing. The bird emerging from the ice is breathtaking, as well as the movements of the undulating fish...This film has poetry like that of Nolshtein animations.


Astronauts (8min.)

Director:Matthew Walker
This film has very nice black humor. You have to wonder what the dolls are made from? The materials allow them to show their delicate feelings. The expression of the astronaut after he presses the DO-NOT-PRESS button, makes us laugh. Some other scenes- The astronaut is very relaxed when he is kicked out of the ship; reading a book as he scratches his butt, and his coworkers shoving him away- are also funny.

Luca's Evangelium

Luca's Evangelium (20min.)

Director:Johann Sachs
The actor playing Luca performed well. The film effectively shows the anxieties among the young generation about the vestiges of the Nazi and the Jewish. The direction of the film is truly dramatic


Sister (13min.)

Director:Daniel Mulloy
This movie is like a good short novel. It is well organized within a school bus. Good is an actor playing a punky student who gets on mid-course. A girl caring for her elder brother leaves a favorable impression.


Quadrilateral (16min.)

Director:Jose-Carlos Ruiz
Love is attended with sorrows. To love without being loved back is common. This is a chic movie like an elegant quartet.


Perkele (18min.)

Director:Arto Tuohimaa
The main characters are three men who happen to get on a truck running in a freezing snowfield. They lead their own lives and find their own happiness. This is a touching and heart-warming film.