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Hou Hsiao Hsien


Hou Hsiao Hsien


Film Director

Hou Hsiao Hsien, Taiwan’s premiere director, established himself as a leading figure of Taiwan New Wave. He was born in China and moved to Taiwan in 1948. He made his directorial debut with “Cute Girl” in 1980.

Hou captured international attention with “The Boys from Fengkuei” (1983) and “A Summer at Grandpa’s” (1984), both winners at the Nantes Three Continent Film Festival. He has received a number of awards, including the Berlin-Forum FIPRESCI Award for “The Time to Live and the Time to Die” (1985) and the Golden Lion for “City of Sadness” (1989) at the Venice Film Festival.

Good Men, Good Women” (1995), “Goodbye South, Goodbye” (1996), “Flowers of Shanghai” (1998), “Millennium Mambo” (2001), “Café Lumiere” (2004) and “Three Times” (2005) were hailed by critics at the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals. Hou’s works are always eagerly anticipated and highly acclaimed.


★2nd Festival Recommended Movies★

Heavy Pockets

Heavy Pockets (6min.)

Director:Sarah Cox
The images are strongly expressive while plain. The screen is filled with fake realities.


ROBOTA (10min.)

Director:Marc Beurteaux
Consideration that gives charity to others and bears others’ pains. The screen is wrapped with natural gentleness.

The Chamber

The Chamber (5min.)

Director:Yu Seock-hyun
Bigger, smaller, inside, outside … sizes converted and positions changed. This leads us to think deeply.

A Stay

A Stay (10min.)

Director:Catherine Buffat /Jean-Luc Greco
Accurate expressions and clumsy but powerful actions of characters present a simple but tasty delight.

A Family Portrait

A Family Portrait (8min.)

Director:Boo Junfeng
Sexual relationship under the course of socialization is depicted with a beautiful but humorous ending.


Perkele (18min.)

Director:Arto Tuohimaa
In the cold country town covered with snow, the residents’ warmness reflects their simplicity and sincerity.


Sister (13min.)

Director:Daniel Mulloy
This film is about discrimination against different cultures. Acceptance exists in flexibility and innermost self-respect and respect to others .

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing (14min.)

Director:Natalia Beliauskene
Two men were going to fight a dual for a woman… and then, what happened? No one knows.

The Bath Mermaid

The Bath Mermaid (10min.)

Director:Emma Papaconstantinou
A heart gets tempted and longs for the shiny ocean.


Initiation (14min.)

Director:Roman Filippov
The light warmed up his young mind.