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Jukka-Pekka Laakso


Jukka-Pekka Laakso


Director of Tampere Film Festival

Laakso was born in 1959. He is the festival and president of the board of directors of the Tampere Film Festival, which is one of the best known and longest running short film festivals in the world. In 2008, he was appointed as the Chairman for the Tampere Film Festival. He is also the executive director for a non-profit organization, the Pirkanmaa Film Centre (since 1998), which manages an art-house cinema and works extensively in the field of media education. Furthermore, he worked as a free-lance film critic for multiple radio programs and magazines. In 2004, he was appointed as the Chairman of the National Council for Cinema, which brought him a seat at the National Council for the Arts. He also is a member of the European Film Academy.


★5th Festival Recommended Movies★


Ata (26min.)

Director:Cagla Zencirci & Guillaume Giovanetti
A good film about globalisation reminding that the western civilisation is not the only cultural sphere in the world. It also brings together many problems people face, when they have to cope with strange environments. Also it is a good film about friendship, goodness, etc. Well conceived and done. As a whole, a perfect little film!


SAFETY ZONE (13min.)

Director:Lukas Kokes
Interesting film that juxtaposes two fruits of civilisation. One of the oldest, beekeeping, and one of the most recent, atomic energy. There are certain similarities, but at the same time only the newer one can destroy the other. The way this documentary is made is in line with the subject and it gives room to the viewer, not giving ready answers.


DUCK&GOOSE (28min.)

Director:Baek Seung Hoon
A very good film about friendship, migration, love. It manages to bring a lot of humour to a serious story. Well structured.

Don't let it all unravel

Don't let it all unravel (2min.)

Director:Sarah Cox
A big issue handled nicely. A simple film but manages to convey the idea too. Sound design is corageous, but it works.

Chain Gestures (Gestos em Cadeia)

Chain Gestures (Gestos em Cadeia) (11min.)

Director:Carla Mota
Well made, low-key documentary on the process of industrial food processing. The last image is really a haunting one.


Terminus (8min.)

Director:Trevor Cawood
Nice combination of live action and animation in a film that has a strong feel to it. The inexplicable "ghosts" people possess are truly haunting.

The step

The step (25min.)

Well handled film about love, grief and paranoia. Catches feelings very well.


Tolerance (6min.)

Director:Ivan Ramadan
The story about men and civilisation is just too true, so the humour is really bitter.

Everyone and no one

Everyone and no one (20min.)

Director:Margarita Cobilich Rizo Patron
Well structured series of confrontations that show a lot about the society we are living in today. Bitter humour spices the film well.

The Intruder

The Intruder (10min.)

Director:Daniel Wirtberg
Stylistically interesting, although in the end a simple story that manages to tell a lot in a series of meetings of two people who are on the edges of the society.

On Earth as It Is in Heaven

On Earth as It Is in Heaven (21min.)

Director:Hervé Demers
Film that really finds a way to speak about the feelings of getting old. Beautifully made.

The Smiling Dog

The Smiling Dog (8min.)

Director:Shohreh Jandaghian
A brave attempt to combine acted scenes with animation, showing the attempt to use imagination to cope in an impossible situation.



Director:Ángel Loza
A very good subject and interesting to see but as a documentary, just ok.



Director:Petr Hatle
A good idea bringing the absurd situation that makes places of suffering into sight seeing sites on screen. Avoids constructing any judgments and leaves room for the spectator to make his or her own.

I don't feel like dancing

I don't feel like dancing (7min.)

Director:Evi Goldbrunner&Joachim Dollhopf
The issue is important and the twist in the story is good, but the film was a bit wooden.

The Tiny Fish

The Tiny Fish (10min.)

Director:Sergei Ryabov
A very good example of the great tradition of animated films in Russia. A nice film.

The Highway M8

The Highway M8 (20min.)

Director:Nadejda Zaretskaya
A gripping and also good story about the hypocricies and double standards of men. Unfortunately the execution of the script was not as good as the idea.

The Life Size Zoetrope

The Life Size Zoetrope (6min.)

Director:Mark Simon Hewis
A really original idea, but would have been better if there was more structure in the content of the film. I do congratulate the filmmaker for seeing the opportunity and using it though!



Well done, but the horror/fantasy storyline does not really grab my interest.



Director:Kaoru Ishida
A nice animation, but not original or touching enough to distinguish itself.

★4th Festival Recommended Movies★

200000 phantoms

200000 phantoms (10min.)

Director:Jean-Gabriel Periot
The idea is simple, technology is basicly available to anyone, yet it takes an artist to combine them and make a shattering impact. Impressive.


NASIJA (11min.)

Director:Guillermo Rios
A strong statement against violence and intolerance done in an imaginative and effective way.

A Shift in Perception

A Shift in Perception (16min.)

Director:Dan Monceaux
A funny and humane documentary about blindness, not to pity, but to understand that it is just another kind of perception.

The Pond

The Pond (6min.)

Director:Huang Ying
Using images like in watercolor painting, we really feel the Pond on a beautiful summer day.

The Clearing

The Clearing (10min.)

The surreal story about difficult memories in a man´s childhood leaves the spectator thinking long after the images have gone.

Growing Up in Amman's Suburbia

Growing Up in Amman's Suburbia (8min.)

Director:Hazim Bitar
Raw and honest documentary shows at the same time the strength of life in children and the inabilities of the world of grown-ups to solve real problems.



Director:Tonny Trimarsanto
A surprising and close look into a different kind of life. The documentary does not offer simple ready answers, but makes one define what is normal.


FOG (8min.)

Director:Emilio Ramos
Mysterious tale of sheep from the sky, Very nice technique goes well with the subject.

The Spirit Child

The Spirit Child (8min.)

Director:Elinor Geller
Animated film that captures well the world of a child. Throughly well made.

4 1/4

4 1/4 (12min.)

Director:Aundre Johnson
A nice interpretation or/comment on Fellini. There might be more than dolce vita here also...

★3rd Festival Recommended Movies★

Broad Day

Broad Day (11min.)

Director:Rajeev Ahuja
Superb feeling created with minimal tools, one can really feel the place and time. The spectator is forced not just look what is happening somewhere else, but become one of the bystanders who choose not to intervene, even when one knows that one could and should.

  Love Me or Leave Me Alone

Love Me or Leave Me Alone (14min.)

Director:Duane Hopkins
A fresh and "true" description how young love can be sweet and sour at the same time. Editing and the use of soundtrack are very effective and the changing rhythm on the film suits perfectly the theme. Shows again that one can make yet another terrific film based on the old and short script: boy meets girl.


Hiyab (8min.)

Director:XAVI SALA
In nine minutes this film takes on to deal with a difficult isuue of hiyab, proper dress for muslims. It does not attempt to solve the problem, but in a way that only cinema can, it makes us to think the issue anew.

Ricardo, Obsolete Items

Ricardo, Obsolete Items (17min.)

Director:Rico Brothers (Carmen & Carlos)
A good attempt to break the usual narrative patterns and also a good attempt to describe life in a big city. The filmmakers are able to keep the thing together despite a lot of different things happening.

The Gospel of The Creole Pig

The Gospel of The Creole Pig (19min.)

Director:Michelange Quay
A strange and puzzling film that leaves one very puzzled. Includes tasteless, maybe unneccessary images and also an equally unneccessary but immensely beautiful camera run in the end. The issue does not come through clearly, but that actually mirrors the issues it aims to address.

Hogtown Blues

Hogtown Blues (17min.)

Director:Hugh Gibson
Documentary style is perfect for this film about sorrow, love and hatred.

Bus Ride And Flowers In Her Hair

Bus Ride And Flowers In Her Hair (8min.)

Director:Asaf Agranat
A quite traditional animated film that manages perfecty catch the feeling of summerday when life is sweet and simple and even time seems to change pace.


Avatar (15min.)

Director:Lluis Quilez
A thriller, revenge story. A short painful story told in a very effective way.


Maestro (5min.)

Director:Geza M. Toth
Shows how new animation techniques, like so called 3D ( in my mind the screen still has only two dimensions) is developing and film makers start to use it innovately. The jerky movement of the "camera" adds an ingenious level to a seemingly simple film.

Two Daisies

Two Daisies (20min.)

Director:Pabro Baka
The filmmaker is able to create situations that make one feel for the people in the film. The storyline is a bit thin, but in the whole the film is promising.

★2nd Festival Recommended Movies★


Ouch! (9min.)

Director:Ken Wardrop
A precise and well thought film that is at the same time delicate and to-the point. Ken Wardrop proves to be one of the masters of short form - again.

The Chamber

The Chamber (5min.)

Director:Yu Seock-hyun
A simple set of animated film making turns into a box-within-box dilemma. For us an impossible environment offers for someone within the film a simple solution. A film M.C. Escher could have made.


Sister (13min.)

Director:Daniel Mulloy
Good film about sisterly love and courage. Strange, but ordinary atmosphere creates for a moment a world of its own.

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing (14min.)

Director:Natalia Beliauskene
A hilarious look at men trapped in their pride and jealousy.

OH! Pee Pee

OH! Pee Pee (19min.)

Director:Makoto Yamaguchi
Piece of ordinary life, where an attempt to avoid humiliation becomes an adventure to a laundry. Catches well the world of a child.

Luca's Evangelium

Luca's Evangelium (20min.)

Director:Johann Sachs
A film that confesses that we can only understand another character so far. A somewhat frightening portrait of a neo-nazi

The End

The End (19min.)

Director:Jose Luis Montesinos Bernabe
Strange story about someone helping others in their suicides becomes a well thought portrait of the society we live in.

A Stay

A Stay (10min.)

Director:Catherine Buffat /Jean-Luc Greco
The style of this animated film is refreshingly new and the story is able to raise some thoughts too.

Summer Clouds

Summer Clouds (15min.)

Director:Axel Danielson
Beautiful film that creates a world of its own for a brief moment


Perkele (18min.)

Director:Arto Tuohimaa
Maybe national modesty and the accuracy of the portrait of a finnish male made it for me impossible to rank this funny film with a good editing any higher. Yes it is like this in Finland, at least sometimes somewhere!

★1st Festival Recommended Movies★


Ohayo (20min.)

Director:Shinya Okada
A charming small film about ordinary life and parenthood. In a way it shows how a child really makes a family. It also shows the beauty and satisfaction of ordinary, normal life. A well paced, loose work that leaves one with a tranquil mind.

In the Mossy Courtyard

In the Mossy Courtyard (16min.)

Director:Vuong Minh Viet
This small film shows powerfully the connection between seemingly innocent playing and the real cruelties of the world we live in. A very simple film, but brave enough to speak about important issues.

The Burning Sun

The Burning Sun (20min.)

A nice film that can really make one feel the burning sun. The odyssey to deliver a wate rbottle becomes a man's journey to deliver despite bad luck and lack of help from other people

Dimensional Escape

Dimensional Escape (8min.)

Director:Yuichiro Saeki
The film uses well old and new animation techniques. It is simply a chase and a joke, but the combination of speed and good soundtrack makes it delightful to watch.


Demon (11min.)

Director:Irina Evteeva
An animated film that takes new technology and shows the ways to mix them with traditional images in a very innovative way. The story about love is of course old and some parts are a bit heavy, but the technique is very innovative and interesting.


Responsibility (17min.)

Director:Yeo Han Hwee
A well made small film that changes ones views about criminals and how they look in the real life. There is a very strict moral message behind a cruel but amusing story.


Disappeared (8min.)

Director:Aleksi Raij
A nice absurd story about people who disappear. Of course I get extra knack from it because I understand also finnish! (although translations are very accurate too). The film is very well paced and it uses color in a delightful way.

Das Ende

Das Ende (9min.)

Director:Anton Galin
An interesting use of computers possibilities. Maybe even too dramatic towards the end.

Natsu, Sora and Our Futures

Natsu, Sora and Our Futures (10min.)

Director:Yoshihide Ibata
Another fresh way to look into manga and animated films. The story somewhat leaves those not accustomed to reading japanese manga out.

Story of a Mattress

Story of a Mattress (18min.)

Director:Bui Kim Quy
Interesting piece of ordinary life is a reminder how something obvious to us can be a centre piece of life to others less wealthy.