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A blind subject at the gate



A man gets paranoid by the vague, elastic bounds of virtual and real hostility. He's getting more and more tangled in his own feeling of superiority.



Born in 1980 in the Netherlands, Daan started with animation when he was 18. He studied at the “Academy for Art and Design in s-Hertogenbosch”. He also receipts a residency for the “Rijksakademie” in Amsterdam in 2003 and 2004. After that he gets several other stipends. In 2005 / 2006 he also receipts a residency for the “Le Fresnoy Studio National” in Lille. His films had been showed on national and international film-festivals and got rewarded with several awards. Atmosphere and movement, the art of reality, surrealism, the bizarre and macabre play an important role in his work.
Screening / Award history:
-A BLIND SUBJECT AT THE GATE; 2010; The Netherlands; winner of the “impulsprijs
2009” (for development and production)
-PEEPING TOM’S CARNIVAL; 2007; France / The Netherlands
-MORNING LEMON; 2006; France / The Netherlands; nominated for the “Leo” award
2006 Braunschweig film festival
-THE FLOATING WORLD; 2005; The Netherlands
-DER RAUM EINNEHMEND; 2004; The Netherlands / Belgium
-LIGHTSLEEPERS; 2004; The Netherlands
-TEERWATER; 2003; The Netherlands
-SCHIMMELPENNINCK (los fabricantes garantizan la calidad de esta marca); 2002
The Netherlands; Winner of the “Kodak Student Award” 2002 NFF festival,
Nominated “Hardkijken vakjury”-award
-DROHOBYCZ (the android is dreaming of an electric she); 2002; The Netherlands;
-TAKE REFUGE; 2001/2002; The Netherlands
-BEAN-NIGHE; 2001; The Netherlands
-CYCLOCELL; 2000; The Netherlands
-The Netherlands; winner of the “impulsprijs 2009” (for development and production)