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I loved two men.Two men loved me.I loved them more than myself.
Tear-A typhoon brings treasures to our three protagonists,at the age of 9,and then takes away their lives.
Love-When living beings witness the end of a kalpa,all is consumed in a great fire.
Smile-Though I live,I proclaim that I have entered extinction.For if they see me,arrogance and selfishness will arise in their minds constantly.



Korea, republic of / Taiwan
Ouchul Hwang: born 1963 in Korea; Painter, Sculptor and Filmmaker.

WenShing: Filmmaker,pianist and performing artist,WenShing Ho,is currently the PHD student at KOHEI ANDO LABORATORY,Waseda University,Japan.WenShing’s artworks seek to cultivate oriental aesthetics,and alternative expressions.
Screening / Award history:
Filmmaker, and performing artist Wen-Shing have involved collaborate projects with Singapore Odyssey Dance Theater, UK Evolving Moving Dance Company, and the Shanghai Performing Arts Research Center. Her films and photography have won many awards, including the Best Director Honorable Mentions for her narrative film “Ku”, at the Georgetown Indy Film Festival; First Place of Single Image for her photography “Me Mirror Myself”, at the American Vision Festival - premiered at the National Gallery of Arts, Washington DC. She was a Telly Awards Finalist in the Children's Audience Category for her animated film, “Self-Portrait 1898”, and won an official selection at the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films (which is the largest short film showcase in America) for her thesis film, “Infinity”