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Should Rojin try to forget the trauma of her past, or should she take retribution? Does violence cancel out violence? Will another act of aggression help her find peace?
Rojin must make some difficult decisions before her persecutor disappears forever.



United Kingdom
Chiman Rahimi is a female Kurdish film director, born in Sanandaj, East Kurdistan. A few years after the political unrest of 1979, she was force to flee Iran. She escaped through Europe to a refugee camp in Germany, before finally being granted political asylum in the UK in 1993.

Now settled in London, Chiman has perused her dream of studying film. She graduated from the London College of Communications (formerly the London College of Printing) in 2000. Since then, Chiman has worked as a reporter for various Kurdish newspapers and satellite TV stations. She has also worked on radio drama such as ‘Zinar Tower’ for BBC Radio 4, and has worked as freelance writer for plays such as ‘Golem’, produced by the renowned Polyglot theatre company.

Chiman’s most recent project is a short film, ‘Rojin’ (2010) which is a 10-minute drama about a young Kurdish woman struggling to settle in London. Her life in exile is haunted by memories from her brutal imprisonment in Kurdistan (Iran). ‘Rojin’ is written by award winning-writer Toby Norways and produced by Poisson Rouge Pictures (‘The Hide’).

Chiman Rahimi is member of numerous groups supporting women’s rights. She has always been an active campaigner for the rights of women and children.
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