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Live a bit longer...



In the early hours of every single night, while his lover, Pierre is asleep upstairs, Nico is working with his father the baker. All of a sudden he falls to the ground...



Born in 1974 in Belgium, David Lambert studied Languages and Romanic literatures at the University of Liège. He works in theater as playwright and in cinema as scriptwriter. “Live a bit longer…" is his first short film as director.
Screening / Award history:
Festival International du Film de Locarno 2009 (Suisse) Festival International du Film Francophone 2009 (Namur – Belgique) Festival Cinéma Tout écran 2009 (Genève – Suisse) Festival du Film de Spa 2009 (Spa, Belgique) Festival International du Film en Abitibi-Témiscamingue 2009 (Québec) Festival Indépendant de Bruxelles 2009 (Belgique) Média 10/10 2009 (Namur - Belgique) Leeds International Film Festival 2009 (UK) Tirana International Film Festival 2009 (Albanie) Festival du Film francophone de Vaulx-en-Velin (France) Festival Zinegoak 2010 (Espagne) Festival International du Film d'Aubagne 2010 (France) International Short Film Festival of Athens Psarokokalo 2010 (Grèce) 8th Wood Green International Short Film Festival 2010 (Angleterre) Belgrade Documentary and Short Film festival 2010 (Serbie) Festival “Les toutes premières fois” de Grasse 2010 (France) GRAND PRIX DU FESTIVAL Torino GLBT Film Festival 2010 (Italie) PRIX DU MEILLEUR COURT-METRAGE Festival International de Dresden 2010 (Allemagne) MENTION SPECIALE DU JURY MediaWave International Film and Music Festival 2010 (Hongrie) "Rendez vous court- metrage franco-allemand" à Strasbourg 2010 (Allemagne) East End International Film Festival 2010 (London, UK) Athens Int'l Film and Video Festival 2010 (USA) Festival du Film Lesbien and Gay, Out Takes 2010 (Auckland & Wellington, Nouvelle-Zélande) MIFF 2010 – Milan International Film Festival (Italie) Faites des courts 2010 (Brie, France) Inside Out 2010 - Toronto Gay and Lesbien Film Festival (Canada) La Cittadella del Corto 2010 (Rome, Italie) Séance Courts-Métrages du Théâtre des Doms 2010 (Avignon, France) Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2010 (Hartfort, USA) Le court en dit long 2010 (Paris, France) PRIX DU SCENARIO CFC WorlWide Short Film Festival 2010 (Toronto, Canada) Festival International De Cine De Huesca 2010 (Espagne) Corto In Bra Film Festival 2010 (Italie) 24th Festival Mix Milano 2010 (Italie) PERLEN 2010 - Hannovers lesbisch-schwules Filmfest (Hannover, Allemagne) Sarajevo Film Festival 2010 (Bosnie) DokuFest Festival 2010 (Kosovo) International Short Film in Drama 2010 (Grèce) Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt 2010 (Allemagne) Queersicht Festival 2010 (Bern, Suisse) International Film Festival Ostrava Kamera Oko 2010 (République Tchèque) Zagreb Film Festival 2010 (Croatie)