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The Authority



A Spanish-Moroccan family that is going out on vacation is stopped by the police. After the humiliating search, things will never be the same.



Xavi Sala was born in Alacant (Spanish State). He has a university degree in Communications.
He has written screenplays for feature films: “Viatge d’estudis” (finalist in Pilar Miró screenplays awards 2007), "Bienvenida, María" (Finalist in Julio Alejandro SGAE Competition 2004 and selected in Sundance-Oaxaca screenplay lab) and “El conseguidor” (with financial support from Generalitat Valenciana). Also, he’s worked as screenwriter in popular tv series and shows and he has organizated screenplay labs for students.
He’s directed the short films “60 años” (60 years old) , “Maleteros” (Trunks), “Los Padres” (Parents) , “Hiyab” (BEST SHORT FILM NOMINATION SPANISH GOYA AWARDS 2006, selected for the 3rd CON-CAN Movie Festival), “En el instituto” (In the High School) and “La parabólica” (The parabolic dish). All all them have participated in many festivals around the world and have won a lot awards.

Screening / Award history:
Telemadrid-La Otra award.
Special mention Festivalito de La Palma (Canary island)
2nd Prize OpenEyes Shortfilmfestival, Marburg (Alemania)
Best Actor Festival de Astorga.
Best Shortfilm Festival Escorto de El Escorial.
Best Soundtrack Festival Escorto de El Escorial.
Best Actor Festival Escorto de El Escorial.
Best Shortfilm Festival de video de Quart de Poblet (València).
Pentedattilo Award Pentedattilo Film Festival (Italy)
Best Shortfilm Giovinazzo a corto di cinema (Italy)
Special Jury Mention Fatfilmfest, Fattizze (Italy)
Best Editing Festival de cortometrajes Cortocomenius (València)
Special Jury Mention Festi'Val D'Oise Du Court 2007 (France)
Special Jury Mention “Relatos Cortos” de Merlo (Argentina)

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2013-02-24 06:33:34

A total disappointment. What the author meant to say: if police abuses you, then that overrides your noble feelings of humanity and love of neighbor?!!

2011-02-26 14:36:38

touching...........simple&poweful narration.

2010-11-30 16:57:18

I love this!!! Great Xabi!!!
They wanted get D....!?

This is what peolpe having Authority think.

■ xavisala 2010-12-03 19:32:17

Hi, Eva,

thanks for your comments!! I like you enjoyed it.

2010-11-30 14:13:33


cafe con leche
2010-11-28 03:16:06

Interesting satire...