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Since 1994, when Klaus Koch discovered the soft, silent and clean energy of the "Sterling" engine, he built, above all, machines that work with nothing more than hot air. Portrait of Klaus Koch shot against his will. Sometimes- Klaus Koch likes to provoke and let you see the dangerous side of technology.So he exaggerates bringing up the situation to an extreme. It is satire and it is not necessary to take it too serious. He does not criticize technology only the way of using it leading it to absurdity. The art of Klaus Koch is to have fun besides he his able to laugh about himself. He transforms garbage into something unexpected that surprises and stimulates with a type of vicious, satiric and sometimes kind sense of humour. He amuses himself working without being focused in the result or the advantage of his machines. It is the game who finds his sense in itself. For the construction of his machines he uses the silent and clean energy of the "Sterling motor" which functions with nothing more than hot air. In recent years, the advantages of Sterling engines have become significant which underlines also the actuality of the work of Klaus Koch.



Spain / Germany
FILMMAKER. Studied in Hamburg, School of Arts. Shorts at film festivals all around the world. Several awards.

*2010 “COMO UNA CABRA” Pre-Production, Film
promotion in Málaga, Fiction, Pre-Production
*2009 “NO PIRATES”, Fiction, Pre-Production
*2008 “MECHANIACS”, Documentary
*2007 “LOS INDIVIDUOS”, Documentary
*2005 “BY FOOT”, Fiction
Screening / Award history:
Screening history of "Mechaniacs":

46. Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón, “Esbilla”, Spain.
Platforma Video 08 International Film Festival, Athens, Greece.
34ª edición Festival Internacional Filmets Badalona,“competición nacional”, Spain.
11th Mecal International Short Film Festival, Barcelona,Spain.
MalgaCrea 2009,Spain.
5th International Short Film Festival Detmold, Germany.
En Piezas 09, Madrid, Spain.
Málaga Cinema 09,Spain.
FICA 2009,Spain.
18th Dokumentart, Neubrandenburg, Germany.
6th CON-CAN Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan.

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Creativity is only way to progress the universal truths.
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