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CON-CAN X CLARK THEATER 2012 at Hokkaido University

Presenting CON-CAN Asia Program and CON-CAN Animation Program consisted of 17 films at CLARK THEATER, Hokkaido University.

CLARK THEATER is a movie theater for a limited time and is run by "Hokudai (short version of Hokkaido University) Movie Theater Project" operated by students of Hokkaido University.
(only Japanese available)

* CON-CAN Asia Program
October 25th (Thu) 11:00〜12:20
October 26th (Fri) 12:00〜13:20
October 27th (Sat) 17:30〜18:50

* CON-CAN Animation Program
October 26th (Fri) 14:00〜15:25
October 27th (Sat) 09:30〜10:55
October 28th (Sun) 13:00〜14:25

Hokkaido University Clark Memorial Student Center
Kita 8, Nishi 8, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido