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Invitation to the 22nd São Paulo International Short Film Festival

CON-CAN has been officially invited to partake in the 22nd São Paulo International Short Film Festival with the aid from the Japan Foundation.

10 films, that truly depict the current audio-visual culture of Japan, were selected from the vast CON-CAN library to represent the Japan program. The 10 films will be screened at multiple locations and Q&A sessions will be held starting from August 25 until September 2.
If you happen to have any acquaintances residing or visiting the area, please do inform them of this phenomenal event.

The São Paulo International Short Film Festival has a heritage of 22 years and is the 5th largest short film festival worldwide, as well as the most prominent short film festival in South America.
The main competition includes a Brazil program, International program, Latin program and Female program. Apart from the competition, there are 14 special programs which include the Japan program proudly presented by CON-CAN.
We promise to do our best in creating a program that will provide the local audience with an enjoyable and memorable experience.
South America has its own unique form of artistic expression, different from Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Hence, as an official participant of the São Paulo International Short Film Festival, we hope to establish a strong relationship with various South American cultural organizations and incorporate such relations in organizing future screening events.

CON-CAN’s network has finally reached the other side of the globe.
We sincerely appreciate everyone’s support since it’s the main source of energy that fuels CON-CAN!