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▼CORTO TOKYO 2010 Award Ceremony Announcement▼

We would like to first thank everyone who has participated in the voting process of the online competition. There is only one week left but please continue posting your comments!
The International Jury has come to a final conclusion and the winners of CON-CAN Movie Festival: CORTO TOKYO 2010 will be announced on the CON-CAN website on Dec. 13.
In relation, we will be holding an offline screening event and award ceremony from Dec. 18 until Dec. 20 in Tokyo, Japan. This year we were lucky enough to have Keio University and Waseda University provide us with the venue. We only have a Japanese flyer available but if you are interested, please check out the URL below.
The offilicial listing of the 80 films that competed in CORTO TOKYO 2010 has been released. Please access the following URL.