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<< The 6th CON-CAN Award Ceremony >>

On December 15th 2009, The Award Ceremony for the 6th CON-CAN Movie Festival was held at Okuma lecture hall of Waseda University, Tokyo Japan. At the ceremony, 4 winning films were screened with the presence of this year's Grand Prix Award winner, director Edmund Yeo, director Monica Gallab who won the CON-CAN Special Jury Award, and director Takashi Nishihara, winner of the Best Picture Award for the Fiction category.

Messages from the International Jurys brightened the ceremony. Thanks to Ms. Naomi Kawase who had sent us a video message, and Mr. Chris Fujiwara who we were honored tohave at our ceremony besides his busy schedule, and presented an important comment about the short film and the festival itself. This year's ceremony was held in the style of a joint screening event with professor Ando's research office of Waseda University. We appriciate very much for the University's partnership. Thank you very much.

The full report and stills from the Awards Ceremony will be updated on our website soon!!

The below link is a catalogue of the 6th CON-CAN Award Ceremony.

Click the dates to see Japanese flyer for the Award Ceremony and pre-event screening!
December 15th 2009 The 6th CON-CAN Movie Festival Award Ceremony with Waseda University Kohei Ando's Research Office
December 14th 2009 Award Ceremony Pre-event, Hiyoshi Film Forum at Keio University