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★☆6th CON-CAN Movie Festival begins July 31st!!☆★

The 6th CON-CAN Movie Festival will hold its grand opening on July 31st, 2009!
We had a very tough time selecting the 80 films to participate in the 6th CON-CAN Movie Festival, out of the 580 submissions from 57 nations worldwide, since the majority of films we received were of such high quality. For the 6th edition, 10 films will be placed on the CON-CAN website every week (until September 24th) and the voting period for the Audience Awards will last a week based on each program schedule. Furthermore, starting from this year, member registration is REQUIRED to watch the new set of 80 films. However, member registration is absolutely FREE and EASY so no worries. Last but not least, due to frequent requests and demands from our audience, we have included the option to watch movies in full screen to enhance everyone's viewing experience.
For more information concerning the 6th CON-CAN Movie Festival, please visit here.

Program 1 will be accepting votes between the time period of July 31st (Friday) until August 6th (Thursday) so please become a member, watch a movie, place a vote, and decide the winner!!!

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