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◆ A brief report on the Tokyo Screening Event ◆


Let the screening begin!

CON-CAN organizes actual screening events to increase the popularity of short movies and to introduce many of the talented CON-CAN directors to the general public of Japan. In addition, these screening events act as a promoting agent for the actual CON-CAN Movie Festival.
The screening event at Tokyo held at the Uplink Factory, a theater famous for introducing cutting-edge and eccentric movies, on May 25th ended in much acclaim thanks to the wonderful audience and staff members.
We screened the following 8 movies: “Don't let it all unravel”, “The Pond”, “Swimming Moon”, “EVE`S FRUIT OR QUITE FAST EVOLUTION”, “Caution, the Doors Are Opening!”, “Chain Gestures (Gestos em Cadeia)”, “Exploding Buds”, and “TO LIVE IS A MASTERPIECE”.
We send our appreciation to the directors who have created these great movies!

We had a total audience of approximately 50 people, ranging from the age group of 20 to 60 with a mix of genders. They all enjoyed the theme of the screening event, which was to introduce movies created by CON-CAN female directors from around the world. Many were overwhelmed by the powerful messages and images depicted by the female directors, as well as their rising significance in the international movie-making scene.

Below are the results of the surveys we collected from the audience, including the top ranked movies and a couple of the comments we received.

Top Ranked Movies:
1. “Don't let it all unravel
2. “Chain Gestures (Gestos em Cadeia)
3. “Exploding Buds” & “TO LIVE IS A MASTERPIECE” (tied for 3rd place)

Audience Comments:
Male/20’s - “Introduce more movies created by Japanese directors. I would like to attend a screening event focused on animation.”
Female/30’s - “Thank you so much for the opportunity to watch a variety of interesting short movies!!”
Female/30’s - “Both movies, ‘Don’t let it all unravel’ and ‘Chain Gestures’ were great!”
Sex/Age Unknown - “It was my first time watching short movies. Each movie possessed a deep theme and it was a fascinating experience.”
*Comments have been translated from Japanese to English.

We would like to send our utmost thanks to the people who attended and all the staff members who made this screening event possible.