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◎A brief report on the Kyoto Screening Event◎


Skype Video Conference

CON-CAN organizes actual screening events to introduce short movies full of color and passion to the public.
The joint screening event, produced by Kyoto International Indies Cinema Festival and CON-CAN, held on May 24th at Kyoto was a huge success. A total of about 30 audience members, comprising of all ages and genders, enjoyed the 9 movies introduced.
The 9 movies we screened are the following: “The Pond”, “200000 phantoms”, “EVE`S FRUIT OR QUITE FAST EVOLUTION”, “The Life Size Zoetrope”, “Terminus”, “BENDITO MACHINE I”, “SOMETHING LIKE THAT”, “Under construction” and “Ata”.

In addition to the showcasing of movies, we actually implemented a new scheme at the screening in Kyoto. We arranged a live Skype video chat between the audience and a few of the CON-CAN directors from France. The directors who participated in this unique project were Cagla Zencirci & Guillaume Giovanetti (directors of the 5th Grand Prix movie “Ata”) and Jean-Gabriel Periot (director of the 4th nominee movie “200000 phantoms”). By employing this video chat system, we were able to create a true borderless environment. As a result, the audience enjoyed the free interchange of ideas with the directors and the event ended as a great experience for all. We plan on incorporating many more of these Skype based online video chats into our screening events, hence we kindly ask for the cooperation of CON-CAN directors around the world.

Furthermore, just like the previous screening event that took place in Osaka, we asked the audience to fill out a short survey. We would like to share with you the 3 most popular movies and some of the comments we received.

3 most popular movies:
1. 200000 phantoms
2. The Pond
3. Ata

Audience Comments:
Female/20’s - “Happy that I was able to watch quality short movies you can’t rent at blockbuster.”
Male/30’s - “This was my first encounter with short movies but I was able to relate to many of them and also made many new discoveries. Having experience in theater, I found that short movies are similar to theater drama in which they both exude abstract concepts to establish a storyline.”
Female/40’s - “It was so enjoyable that I wish I brought some of my friends along! I loved the homey atmosphere as well.”
*Comments have been translated from Japanese to English.

Many thanks to Cagla Zencirci, Guillaume Giovanetti, and Jean-Gabriel Periot for making the Skype session possible and a huge success!!
Lastly, we send our deepest appreciation to the people who have attended and the staff members who made this screening event possible.
We hope to see you again soon!