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★A brief report on the Osaka Screening Event★


Group Picture Afterwards

CON-CAN organizes actual screening events to introduce short movies full of color and passion to the public.
The screening event at Osaka held on May 17th was a huge success and the audience enjoyed the 9 movies introduced.
The 9 movies we screened are the following: “Tolerance”, “200000 phantoms”, “I don't feel like dancing”, “BENDITO MACHINE I”, “The Chamber”, “The Pond”, “Can & Slippers”, “Eramos Pocos” and “DUCK&GOOSE”.

We had a total audience of approximately 30 people, ranging from the age group of 20 to 80 with a mix of genders. They all kindly filled out a survey we prepared after the screening and we received many interesting comments. Since the comments were so intriguing, we would like to share some with the CON-CAN audience and also share with you the pictures we took during the event. In addition, they ranked all 9 movies as well so below is the list of the top three movies with the comments and pictures.

3 most popular movies:
2. 200000 phantoms
3. Can & Slippers

Audience Comments:
Male/20’s - “It was my first time to encounter themes of war and peace expressed through animation.”
Female/30’s - “I caught a couple of movies on the CON-CAN website but actually watching the movies on the big screen with added comments was 100 times more entertaining”
Male/50’s - “It was my first time to watch short movies. It was a refreshing experience that widened my horizons. I was really able to feel each director’s passion”
Female/60’s - “I usually don’t watch animation but the animated movies I watched today were very enjoyable. I plan on placing a focus on animation from now on.”
Female/80’s - “I personally experienced the brutality and tragedy of war so watching ‘200000 phantoms’ and ‘I don’t feel like dancing’ was a very moving experience. It made me think about how each of us should act to create a peaceful world.”
*Comments have been translated from Japanese to English

We would like to send our utmost thanks to the people who attended and all the staff members who made this screening event possible.