Watch Locally, Think Globally



▼△An update on CON-CAN Screening Events△▼

In this month of May, we have conducted 3 screening events. One was on the 17th at Osaka, another on the 24th at Kyoto, and the third on the 25th at Tokyo. All screenings were a success and many CON-CAN fans enjoyed each other’s company while watching a colorful selection of short movies on the big screen.

On another note, we actually implemented a new scheme at the screening in Kyoto. We arranged a live Skype video chat between the audience and a few of the CON-CAN directors from France. The directors who participated in this unique project were Cagla Zencirci & Guillaume Giovanetti (directors of the 5th Grand Prix movie “Ata”) and Jean-Gabriel Periot (director of the 4th nominee movie “200000 phantoms”). By employing this video chat system, we were able to create a true borderless environment. As a result, the audience enjoyed the free interchange of ideas with the directors and the event ended as a great experience for all. We plan on incorporating many more of these Skype based online video chats into our screening events, hence we kindly ask for the cooperation of CON-CAN directors around the world.

Many thanks to Cagla Zencirci, Guillaume Giovanetti, and Jean-Gabriel Periot for making the Skype session possible and a huge success!!
Lastly, we send our deepest appreciation to the people who have attended the screening events and we hope to see you again soon!!