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◎●The last group of 20 movies (Group D) is available. Please Enjoy!!●◎

20 great movies from Group D, the last group, are now showing. Please watch, vote, and comment. If you are not registered yet and want to become a juror, it’s not too late. Registration is free and easy. You can join the CON-CAN family from here. If you already are a member, ENJOY!!

Many thanks to all the members who have placed votes and comments for the movies in Group C. We have stopped accepting votes/comments for Group C but the 20 movies are still offered for your viewing purposes. Click here for Group C movies, here for Group B movies and here for Group A movies.

In addition to enjoying the movies, please take a look at the many other contents we provide on the CON-CAN website and don’t forget to frequently visit our site for updates. Let the Audience Award Competition for Group D begin!!