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Revenue Share Program


CON-CAN Movie Festival’s main mission is to provide directors with an opportunity to showcase their creations to the worldwide audience. In correlation, we have started providing a service for directors which generates revenue for their short films that are submitted to the Festival. This program aims to provide benefit to directors once a profit is made through the distribution of movies for educational purposes and various cultural activities.

Under the Revenue Share program, our goal is to portray short films as a powerful cultural and educational communication tool. CON-CAN Movie Festival is supported by Media Research Inc., a company which possesses multiple routes of distribution to public agencies and educational institutions in various markets. Upon your admission to the Revenue Share Program, Media Research Inc. will act as the official licensee in Japan and provide your films to such bodies, including schools, universities, and local government offices. We place our marketing efforts in cultural and educational fields where films are utilized in many programming styles such as screenings, broadcastings and DVD packaging. Moreover, whenever an opportunity arises, we will approach other markets and try our best in marketing films for entertainment purposes as well.

Through this program, in addition to the monetary benefit for directors, many viewers will be introduced to the educational and cultural value of short films. Any income generated through the activities explained above will be remitted to your bank account (Kindly note that the Revenue Share Program will be applicable only after a profit has been made). We sincerely encourage all applicants to take advantage of this opportunity in generating additional revenue which will not only assist you in your further production, but also increase the awareness of short films in Japan.

If you are willing to participate in the Revenue Share Program, please mark the check box on the online registration page and proceed. If you do not wish to participate in the program, simply continue the online registration process without marking the check box and proceed. For participants, you will be contacted for further steps once your film is reviewed.

Please note that if your film is selected for the Competition in this year’s CON-CAN Movie Festival, the Revenue Share Program will be put in effect after the Competition is over. If your film is NOT selected for the Competition in this year’s CON-CAN Movie Festival, your movie will be reviewed individually to determine its participation in the Revenue Share Program.

*Participation in the CON-CAN Revenue Share Program has no effect on the selection process or the acceptance of a movie into the Movie Festival. Information on whether or not a movie is participating in the Revenue Share Program will NOT be provided to the members of the CON-CAN Preliminary and International Jury.

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Masahiro Yoshino