About Submissions

Q. How do I make a submission?

A. Please refer to the Submission Guidelines page.

Q. Who can make a submission?

A. Anybody who possesses the exclusive rights to the movie may make a submission. Please note that in order to make a submission, the movie will have to follow the Submission Guidelines.

Q. What is the Revenue Share Program?

A. The Revenue Share Program is targeted towards the directors. This program aims to provide revenue to the directors that are interested in the market of Japan. For more details, please refer to the Revenue Share Program page.

Q. What kind of movies cannot be accepted by the CON-CAN Movie Festival?

A. We do not accept movies that violate our conditions:
1.Movies with a running time of more than 30 minutes (including credits).
2.Movies not produced independently (movies produced commercially can be submitted as long as the applicant can verify that he/she has cleared all the rights considering the movie).
3.Movies in breach of the law or contrary to public order and morals.
4.Movies containing any footage or music whose distribution via internet will infringe any copyright, neighboring right, or portrait right of a third party other than the applicant.
A film that is in consideration are works such as:
・Previews and advertising films
・Sequences from feature-length films such as credit sequences
・Unaired episodes of established TV series
・Unsold TV series pilots

5.Movies that violate any agreement or contract with a third party during the streaming distribution period set forth in the Letter of Consent. See the Letter of Consent (available in the Submission Guidelines page.) for further details.

Q. Can I submit movies that have been exhibited publicly (includes independent screenings), released theatrically, or are scheduled

A. Yes, you may as long as the streaming distribution of the movie by the CON-CAN Media Plaza will not violate or infringe the rights or interests of any third party during the period set forth in the Letter of Consent.

Q. How does the CON-CAN Media Plaza treat copyrights for the movies submitted?

A. Based on circumstances CON-CAN Media Plaza may copy, screen, publicly release, transmit, display, distribute or translate the whole or a part of the submitted work, any captured scene, footage or title thereof, or any personal information of the applicant to the extent required for its operation and public relation activities through any and all media. (The above will not happen unless we have an explicit clearance from the directors in a written document.)

Q. If my movie is subtitled, who will be the copyright holder of the subtitles?

A. The copyright of the translated captions added to the work at the CON-CAN Movie Festival will belong to the CON-CAN Media Plaza. The CON-CAN Media Plaza has, furthermore, the exclusive rights to arrange and prepare such translations.

Q. Can I submit a movie made in a language other than Japanese or English?

A. Yes. However, please note the followings:
1.Please make sure to complete the Entry Form in English or in Japanese. Also do not forget to fill out all the sections on the Entry Form.
2.Please send us the English or Japanese subtitled version on a separate media from the original (clean) movie.
3.If you have a movie script translated into Japanese or English, please send it to us together with the movie script written in the original language for our reference (A rough translation is acceptable.).

Q. Can I submit a movie which has been previously submitted to another movie festival?

A. We accept movies which have previously been or are scheduled to be submitted to other movie festivals. Please, however, check with the movie festival which you applied for or plan to apply for whether they have imposed or will impose any restrictions on the movie before you submit your entry to the CON-CAN Movie Festival. In some cases they may own screening or other intellectual property rights.

Q. Is there any particular region code I should use for my DV, DV-CAM or DVD for submissions?

A. NTSC, PAL and SECAM are all acceptable. Any DVD region code is acceptable as well. However, please be sure to indicate the type of the system and format you are using on the Entry Form.

Q. Is there a possibility of submitted movie(s) being shared with other festivals?

A. Yes. We collaborate with many other movie festivals across the globe so movies submitted to CON-CAN may be screened at other festivals which will be great exposure and as a result, benefit the director in the long run. (The above will not happen unless we have an explicit clearance from the directors in a written document.)

Q. As a director, is it possible to communicate with the audience?

A. Yes. You can communicate with audience members from around the world who have placed comments on your movies. We provide this service so that the directors can hear and feel the true voices of the audience without any filters, which we believe is a beneficiary feature to every single director.