About the Jury

Q. How many types of Jury are there in the CON-CAN Movie Festival?

A. There are 3 types of Jury:
1.CON-CAN Review Committee
2.CON-CAN Preliminary Jury
3.CON-CAN International Jury

Q. What roles do the CON-CAN Review Committee play and who are the members?

A. The CON-CAN Review Committee is comprised of the internal staff of CON-CAN who screens the first round of all the content that gets submitted to us globally. In the screening process the committee members look for personal expression, originality, creativity, social values, and most importantly the concept & theme. In addition to these criterias, the short movie has to be defined as an original movie that has a running time of NO more than 30 minutes including all credits.

Q. What roles do the CON-CAN Preliminary Jury play and who are the members?

A. The CON-CAN Preliminary Jury is composed of professionals from movie-related industries in Japan and well-renowned film critics/experts. The Preliminary Jury chooses the best 20 movies to participate in the final judging process from the original pool of 80.

Q. What roles do the CON-CAN International Jury play and who are the members?

A. This is the last phase of the selection. The CON-CAN International Jury is comprised of globally-acclaimed film professionals that will evaluate the best 20 movies selected by the CON-CAN Preliminary Jury and choose the final award winning movies through an international conference. The winners of the Grand Prix and Special Jury Award will be invited to Tokyo to attend the CON-CAN Award Ceremony.