About the Audience Competition

Q. What are the Audience Competition Awards?

A. Our global audience watches, discusses, and rates the movies. All CON-CAN members decide the winner by voting.

Q. How does the Audience Competition work?

A. The voting process for the Audience Competition occurs once a year for a certain span. After the submissions close, the CON-CAN Review Committee selects the best 80 movies. These 80 movies are first subtitled in English (movies that are made in other languages other than English) and Japanese. The 80 movies are then organized into random groups of various genres. The global audience then watches these movies and place votes.

Q. What is the merit of the Audience Competition?

A. The main merit of the Audience Competition is the opportunity for global audience members to interact with the directors. In addition, the directors with the most votes are awarded a prize.

Q. How does one become eligible to cast a vote in the online Audience Competition?

A. Anyone who completes the member registration process and becomes a member of the CON-CAN Movie Festival has the right to vote. Become a member from here.

Q. What about block voting?

A. Multiple votes for the same movie from the same membership ID will be rejected. To ensure a fair and competition we ask all CON-CAN members to vote only once per movie.