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Cooperation with the Japan Committee for UNICEF: "Communicating for Children"

The Earth is One Family

Since CON-CAN was founded, we have embraced the philosophy of“Communicating for children”, and even today with the 5th movie festival underway, this fundamental ideal is still our essential commitment. CON-CAN strives to further develop society and improve social welfare by making it its mission to contribute in every little way that it can.

Through CON-CAN, directors and viewers are able to voice the expressions of their souls to people who struggle to get along within their environment. The power of short movies allows CON-CAN to contribute to society by cross-linking people.

© UNICEF/HQ 05-0323/Josh Estey Source: The Japan Committee for UNICEF

CON-CAN is currently participating in J:COM's "Fundraising on Demand" for UNICEF. To ensure the health and well-being of children around the world, CON-CAN is supporting UNICEF's activities in over 150 countries and territories of the world.

CON-CAN Movies are Showing on J:COM's "Fundraising on Demand" Service

Starting in December 2007, CON-CAN (Parent Company: Media Research, Inc.) has been sharing part of its movie library with J:COM (Jupiter Telecommunications Co, Ltd. - Japan's largest cable television provider) to provide a video-on demand service for J:COM subscribers. When a movie is purchased by a customer, all proceeds go to the Japan Committee for UNICEF. Before the movie begins, a brief video message of Dr. Agnes Chan Miling, ambassador of the Japan Committee for UNICEF, is shown.CON-CAN provides 3 movies tri-monthly to be aired on J:COM's channel. The 3 movies that are currently being aired on J:COM's Fundraising on Demand project are shown below. If you have the opportunity, please watch the CON-CAN movies on J:COM and make a contribution to promote the health and well-being of children through out the world.

Growing Up in Amman's Suburbia

Growing Up in Amman's Suburbia (8min)
Hazim Bitar
(Palestine / Jordan)

Old Woman

Old Woman (17min)
Lau Chee Nien


Ulises (16min)
Alejandro Martin Escudero

To the Directors

We would like to ask directors to assist J:COM's Fundraising on Demand project by volunteering their films for this project. Your support can help the children of the world.

If you have any questions regarding the “Fundraising on Demand” project, please send your inquires to