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Daniel Mulloy




Daniel Mulloy studied fine art in London and New York, graduating in 2001. He is primarily interested in people, and like his paintings his films reflect this. With the sale of his graduation show Mulloy shot his first short, Dance Floor, which won many accolades, including an award that gave him the finance to shoot his next short as well as a BAFTA Wales for Best Newcomer. Mulloy's second film, Sister, released in 2005, won another BAFTA and a slew of awards internationally. Antonio's Breakfast premiered in Sundance in 2006 and has again gained international acclaim and won Mulloy his third BAFTA for Best Short Film.
United Kingdom
Shorts "Dad" - 2006 "Antonio's Breakfast" - 2005 "Sister" - 2004/5 "Dance Floor" - 2001

CON-CAN director and 2nd CON-CAN Tamashii (Soul) Award winner has been receiving a lot of acclaim globally and has accomplished so much over the past few years. Mulloy has become famous for his distinctive yet practical auteur production style and from the powerful performance of the actors casted in his movies. Mulloy's 1st short movie, “Dance Floor”, was created in 2001 and from then on has won over 60 International Awards for his movies.

Mulloy's movie, “Antonio's Breakfast”, was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2006 and won him his 3rd BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Award. Mulloy became the first British director to win an Imp at Les Lutins du court-métrage in 2007. Moreover, Mulloy’s short movies have won awards at several movie festivals, such as the Aspen, Kansas City, Newport, Brest, Sapporo and Melbourne International Film Festival.

“Dad”, created in 2006, premiered on January 2007 at the Sundance Film Festival and after winning the Prix UIP in Krakow, was nominated for the European Film Academy Award. This short movie expresses, with strong realism, the trauma of a man caused by the overly intimate nature of his affectionate parents. On another note, “Dad” was briefly available on the iTunes online shop as a downloadable short movie and went straight to the US top 10 bestsellers.

“Son”, his most recent production, won the Grand Jury Award for Best Short Film at its US premiere in the 2007 Picture Start Awards, New York. Furthermore, it won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the 2008 Slamdance Film Festival held in Utah.

“Sister”, the movie that won him the 2nd Tamashii Award, exhibits Mulloy’s extraordinary talent through the depiction of human relations in a closed setting within a school bus running through the beautiful countryside of Wales. You can watch “Sister” and find more information on the director here.

Brief Background:
Daniel Mulloy is a British screenwriter and film director, born on March 24, 1977 in Brixton, London (United Kingdom). Mulloy then moved to Carmarthen, Wales as a teenager. He studied painting at the Slade School of Fine Arts, University College London and at the Hunter College in New York.