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Michelange Quay


The Gospel of The Creole Pig


Director, writer American nationality, born January 5, 1974 in New York, (USA)
1996 MYTHE OF SEUS (short)
1998 FORTY DAYS (short)

CON-CAN director and 3rd CON-CAN Grand Prix winner, Michelange Quay, has made his first feature length movie “Eat, For this is My Body”. This amazing movie was awarded the Knight Grand Jury Prize at the Ibero-American Competition of the Miami International Film Festival, held in March 2008. In addition, the movie was invited for a special screening at Tokyo FILMeX held in November 2007 and the Cannes International Film Festival held in May 2008.

Due to the rich ethnic environment of Miami, the Ibero-American Competition places a focus on directors that come from a Latin American background. Michelange uses an unconventional, non-narrative surreal aesthetic approach to film direction to portray the cultural dilemma Haiti currently faces due to its colonialist legacy. Michelange is not only excited about the prestige this award brings him but also thrilled since he was able to shed some light on the immense Haitian community in Miami and draw the attention the Haitian community worldwide deserves.

His movie, “Gospel of The Creole Pig” which was awarded the 3rd CON-CAN Grand Prix has been screened at the Cannes International Film Festival and also at the Kyoto International Indies Film Festival. This movie poetically presents the history of Haiti and won acclaim from movie lovers across the world. You can watch “Gospel of The Creole Pig” and find more information on the director here.

Brief Background:
Born 1974 in New York, USA. Studied filmmaking and anthropology at the University of Miami. He then moved on to the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University where he concentrated on film directing.