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Keppostelija (Bamboozled!!!)



This is a classic Trickster tale of a small wolf with a peculiar gift. Through some close shaves with a forest gorilla the wolf learns the taste of his own prickly medicine.


Bamboozled!!! is Simo Ruotsalainen´s (born 1980 in Tuusula, Finland) graduation film in the Arts Academy of Turku Polytechnic. Before Bamboozled!!! he made another drawn animation, Feral Ways and co-directed puppet animation short Clicking. Other projects include live-action short Isoveli and the animation direction to the title scene of the live action short Tuulen Suoja . Simo has also worked and animated in the forthcoming full length animation film English Lessons. He is currently writing the script for his next drawn animation in Turku. As a graduate and new member of the animation collective Anikistit he now can focus full time on illustrations, comics, animation movies and his Venus In Mink-t-shirt design company with animation/illustration artist Malakias. The director has also studied Cartoon art In Kyoto Seika University, Japan
Screening / Award history:
Mer är Mumin,Stockholm,Sweden,April 25th 2009

Kinogran Festival,Minsk,Belarus April 24th 2009

Tampere Film Festival,Tampere,Finland march 4-8th 2009

Finnish Film Festival,Turku,Finland April 16-19th 2009

Rokumentti Festival,Joensuu,Finland November 14-16th 2008

Hiroshima Film Festival,Hiroshima,Nippon,August 7-11th 2008

(Kettupäivät,Helsinki,Finland November 4.-17th 2009 )

3 people voted

cafe con leche
2009-09-02 18:14:55

so finnish...

Tomi Malkki aka Malakias
2009-08-29 05:07:05

EVIL NEVER DIES!!! There's sooo-o-o much heart and soul in that short, that you have to be really drunk if you can't see it ;D Saikoo des!

2009-08-28 15:26:48