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Tale of Carpet Flowers



Do you know the origin of the Persian carpet? There are so many designs that are fun just to look at and that's as it should be, because the first Persian carpet ever to be created was interwoven with the feelings of a certain family. This is a work that lets the viewer feel the warmth of carpets.



(Education) Puppet Film; “Jiri Trnka” Studios; Prag 1975 Animation Film; “Royal Academy Of Fine Arts” Belgium 1969-1972 Miniature (Persian Traditional Painting) School; Tehran 1950’s PhD Pharmacy; Tehran University 1955-1962 President of (ASIFA) international Association of Animated Film since November 2003 Member of the board of directors of ASIFA* International, 1988-2000 Founder and President of ASIFA* Iran since 1986 Founder and Teacher of Animation, Post Graduate School, “Farabi” Art University, Tehran 1977-1996 Founder and Teacher of the first Animation School, Tehran 1974-1977 Member of ASIFA International since 1971 Jury Member of various international animation festival and illustration Biennales since 1975
Iran (islamic republic of)
(Films) In the U.N.; Writer, Designer & Director (Under Production) Tale of Carpet Flowers: Writer, Designer & Director 2000 Identity (For UNICEF); Writer, Designer & Director 1999 Moscow; (Mouse & Cow) Writer, Designer & Director 1998 Sinbad; (Full length animated feature) Stylist, Director 1987-1991 (Hollywood) Super Powers; Writer, Designer & Director 1982 A Way To Neighbor; Writer, Designer & Director 1978 Prince Amir-Hamzeh; Writer, Designer & Director 1977 The Mad, Mad, Mad World; Writer, Designer & Director 1975 Atal-Matal; Writer, Designer & Director 1974 Association Of Ideas; Writer, Designer & Director 1973 Philipo and a Train from Hong Kong; Director 1971 (Belgium) A Playground for Baboush; Writer, Designer & Director 1971 (Belgium) Duty, First; Designer & Director 1970 (Belgium)

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2007-03-11 17:33:07

I loved this beautiful mythical story. I like all the family members who started making Persian carpets. The way how they help each other, how they take care of each other, and how they love each other is so touching. This film teaches us a lot of things. Very nice film !

2007-03-11 00:48:34

I didn't know Persian carpets had such a beautiful history though it might be a myth. I just loved this film. This is one of the best.

2007-03-10 22:14:42

I was so lucky to be able to watch such a great film for free. We can enjoy not only the attractive Persian carpets but also beautiful family love. An excellent film !

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2007-03-05 00:59:29

"Tale of Carpet Flowers" is about beautiful Persian carpets and a family who first started to make carpets. You don't have to be a Persian-addict to like this movie. It's enjoyable and very touching. A bit about the history of Persian carpets and family love. It is always nice to see family-oriented people help and love each other.

2007-03-02 01:00:52

The chemistry between the beautiful Persian carpets and the nice family is great. Also, the anime is charming and the music is perfect for the film. I think this short film is definitely one of the best !