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When 10-year-old Maya travels with her family to Thailand to bury her grandmother in a little town far off the seaside, she immediately encounters her German-Thai reality. Her father's ignorance of the Thai culture and her mother's torn feelings about her lost home are covered by an awkward silence, and the family is on the verge of breaking apart. Meanwhile Maya gets fascinated by the mystical home of her ancestors and magically drawn toward the sea...



1986-1987 Language studies, studies of Calligraphy, Japanese traditional Painting (Nihon-Ga) and Kendo-sword fencing in Japan. 1988 Scholarship of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiffung e.V. (Kontrad-Adenauer Foundation e.V.) Training as a rhetorics teacher. since 1992 Comic and cartoon artist (published in Prinz Munich, Bizarr Verlag, Comicstrich) 1993 Graduate with a masters degree in Japanology, philosophy and history of art at the LMU University Munich since 1993 enrolled at the Academy for Television and Film Munich Germany, Department Film and Television Documentary since 1997 free lance director of TV commercials (e.g. for Roman Kuhn Filmprpducktion, Trebitsch Filmproduktion)
<Filmography> October 1994 "Creme Fatale" 15min Fiction 16mm writer, director and editor premiere at the Hofer Filmtage film festival in Hof, Germany, 1994 November 1996 "Absolutely Light" 45sec 35mm, writer and director participant at the Henessy Commercial Contest 1996 September 1997 "Jacke Chan-Made in Hong Kong" 34min beta sp and DVC Documentary, writer and editor October 1997 "Helmut Newton, Women & Cigars" 7min DVC, Documentary November 1997 "Nighthawks" 1 min 35mm, writer and director Trailer of the International Film Festival Munich since April 1997 several commercials and image films - RTL TV Station, Ariola, Bayerische Vereinsbank etc. November 1998 "The Bullfight" 1min digibeta, writer and director April 1999 "The Agents""Pamela" 1min 16mm, writer and director 2 Social Spots for Agenda 21 August 1999 "The Guard" Conception of a 12part Mystery-TV-Series April 2000 "Close-Up" 7min beta sp & DVC, writer and director Documentary on Japanese youngsters in Tokyo June 2000 "adidas around the world" 8min DVC 16mm, Imagefilm Septermber 2000 "Sister" Development of a script in a Master Class in the (Atlier IV) at the Academy for Television and Film with Tankred Dorst

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no name..
2006-01-14 05:04:59

This is because I feel guilty for putting other people's films down and voting for my own.

2006-01-13 20:50:50

The music is the best. The story could be better,.

2006-01-10 12:21:55

Very nice muzic and story!

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2006-01-08 03:02:32

sweetheart story with very suitable music!lovely!

2006-01-02 06:20:45

Nice, lovely done, good story

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2005-12-27 20:21:57

Good looking... but not much else.

2005-12-22 02:52:36

beautifully done

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2005-12-22 02:26:17

great movie.