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Bird Becomes Bird



A lyrical animation about a mother and child who travel across the snowfield on a wintry morning. The child cannot glance away from the mysterious movements of birds they encountered on the way, and... A 35mm multiplane oil animation produced by the National Film and Television School Great Britain and created in Russia with Russian crew. Awarded with the Chicago International Film Festival Gold Hugo (US, Chicago '97), Canal+ Buyers Award (France, Poitiers '97) etc. and broadcasted by Channel 4 (UK).



Lucy Lee was brought up in Wales, she studied animation at Newport Film School, Gwent, and the National Film and Television School, UK. She now has a production company in London, Instinct Media Ltd. which produces short animation projects (Instinct Films) and interactive multimedia (Visual Instinct). She also teaches animation workshops all over the world and with local communities to develop communication and creative skills.
United Kingdom
<Short Films Directed> 2004 “The Gates of Heaven” Funded by Chapter Arts & Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Digi Beta, 2 min, hand drawn and rotoscoping then painted with ‘Painter’ Produced at Instinct Media. Competing at international level 2004 (2001) “Safe” Funded by S4C Digi Beta, 1 min, hand drawn then painted with ‘Painter’ Produced at Instinct Media. Competing at international level 2002 “Waiting” or “Aros” Funded by S4C, with the support of the National Lottery Fund through the Arts Council of Wales Lottery fund 35mm print, 3:30 min, hand painted on computer Produced at Instinct Media Awards &#8211; Special Mention (A Corto, Italy ’03) 1997 “Bird Becomes Bird” NFTS Production 35mm, 5min, multiplane oil animation made in Russia Directing Russian speaking crew, and coordinating project in Russia and UK Awards - Gold Hugo (US, Chicago ’97) Canal+ Buyers Award ( France , Poitiers ’97) Best Art Direction ( Russia , Tarusa ’98) Nominated - British Animation Awards ‘98 Sales - Channel 4, Canal+, and numerous DVD collations 1996 “House on a Frozen Lake” NFTS Production 35mm, 10min, puppet animation Competed at international level 1995 “Phoenix Seasonal” LeeFilm Production 16mm, 30sec, puppet animation Opening piece for Phoenix Film Club, Newport Wales 1993 “Hidden Hearts of Fish” Newport Film School 16mm, 2:20 min, hand painted on film Competition screenings & distributed by London Filmmakers Co-op 1993 “Desire & Neglect” Newport Film School 16mm, 3min, puppet film
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33 people voted

2006-02-26 21:45:52

本来のアニメーション。 イメージとモチーフが幻想的に交錯して… 陳腐な表現で申し訳ないが、イマジネーションに理屈は不要なのかも。

2006-01-21 18:40:46

I think it is too short to be completed

no name..
2006-01-14 05:08:35

This is because I feel guilty for putting other people's films down and voting for my own.

Jose Luis Montesinos Bernabe
2006-01-10 20:12:13

I don't understand this film at all.

2006-01-10 07:56:48

Quite okey

2006-01-08 03:11:23

Tame and a little boring for me. Sorry

2006-01-02 22:51:54

The power of imagination could show us things not yet visible. This film spreads as I hope to make what is visible through film a reality.

no name..
2005-12-31 16:20:56

よかったのかな?といった感じでした。 ちょっと難しかったので、正しく評価できていないと思います。 しかし、前へ進もうとする少年の内面を、鳥の動きや表情を使って表現していたと思います。

2005-12-31 00:49:30

少し口うるさい親に文句言われながら雪道を歩く子供。彼が見た美しくも懸命に生きる鳥の姿を通し、自分もがんばって羽ばたける様な人間になりたい、という子供の心情。 それが自分の感じ取れる精一杯の所。 何か伝わってきそうで、つかめない自分が悔しいです。

2005-12-30 20:11:42

Such a deep and beautiful story. I loved its lyric and music. Good job!