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True Colours



In this everyday life drama, the father loves his wife and son. But when she sees his swollen lip, she can't conceal her worry. The father is trapped between love for his son and his own internal conflict.



United States
As of October 1st, 2007, Barney is one of the six writer / directors that has been selected for the Cannes Cinefondation writing fellowship (La Residence) in which he will live in Paris for five months and develop his feature script Oliver's Deal.

October 2006
True Colours Writer / Director Fiction Super 16mm 10min 40 sec

A social drama about a loving father with a propensity for violence and his struggle to earn his family\'s trust.

Screening / Award history:

1. Premiers Plans Film Festival (Competition)
a. Awards:
i. Special Jury Prize
ii. Best Male Actor in a Short (Neil Maskell)
2. Rotterdam International Film Festival
3. Beverly Hills Shorts Festival (Competition)
4. Tampere Film Festival (Competition)
5. Cleveland International Film Festival (Competition)
6. Florida Film Festival (Competition)
7. Atlanta Film Festival (Competition)
8. Dresden Film Festival (Competition)
9. Tribeca Film Festival (Competition)
10. Nashville Film Festival (Competition)
11. Athens Film and Video Festival (Competition)
12. Aarhus (AFIA) (Competition)
a. Nomination:
i. Best Cinematography
13. Festival du Court Metrage de Bruxelles (Competition)
a. Awards:
i. Young Jury Prize
ii. Best Male Actor (Neil Maskell)
14. Krakow Film Festival (Competition)
15. Canadian Worldwide Short Film Festival (Competition)
16. Gen Arts: Chicago (Competition)
17. Expresion en Corto International Film Festival (Competition)
a. Awards:
i. Best Actor (Neil Maskell)
18. Melbourne International Film Festival (Competition)
19. Brisbane International Film Festival (Competition)
20. San Francisco International Festival of Shorts (Competition)
21. Edinburgh Film Festival (Competition)
22. Recontres cinema de Gindou (non-competitive)
23. Sao Paulo International Short Festival (non-competitive)
24. Palm Springs International Short Festival (Competition)
25. Odense Film Festival (Competition)
26. Silhouette (British Section)
27. LA International Shorts Festival (Competition)
28. Best of Festival (Competition)
29. Magma International Film Festival
30. Milano Film Festival (Competition)
31. IMAGO (Competition)
32. Woodstock Film Festival (Competition)
33. Kiev International Film Festival Molodist (Competition)
34. Austin Film Festival (Competition)
35. Osnabruk Film Festival (Competition)
36. Uppsala International Film Festival (Competition)
37. Leeds International Film Festival (Best of British Shorts)
38. Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival (non-competitive)
39. Prague Short Film Festival (Competition)
40. Encounters International Short Film Festival (Competition)
41. Bilbao International Film Festival (Competition)
42. International Short Film Festival Leuvuen (Competition)
43. Ofensiva International Film Festival (Competition)
44. DaKino International Film Festival (Competition)
45. Alza la Voz (Competition)


46. Minmalen Short Film Festival (Competition)
47. Paris Tout Court (Competition)
48. Corto in Bra (Competition)
a. Awards
i. Special Mention
49. Quebec Festival de Cinema Des Trois Ameriques
50. Belgrage Documentary and Short Film Festival (Competition)
51. Time to Live (Competition)
52. Berkshire International Film Fest (non-competitive)
53. Method Fest (Competition)
54. Hull International (Competition)
55. Vilnius Shorts (Competition)
56. Cannes Film Festival - Short Film Corner (Competition)
57. High Tide Film Festival (Competition)
58. Amsterdam Shorts (Competition)
59. Con-Can (Competition)
60. Big Sur (Competition)
61. Courts Dans L’Herbe (Competition)
62. Festival der Nationen (Competition)

6 people voted

2008-06-28 00:42:24

Good. This film reminds me of the real social problems in UK.

2008-06-19 20:55:31

OK...So what happens next? kind of left in the middle of nowhere!!!

2008-06-13 00:01:40

2008-06-12 18:08:16

The plotline was captivating, but the parts where the Dad is walking were shot really badly as the camera was shaking.

2008-06-12 00:50:42

Is he to blame for it? sad story...

2008-06-11 05:00:56