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Revolving Door

Parental guidance suggested; It contains violent and/or explicit sexual scenes



Based on the theme of prostitution, this work presents a close-up of the viewpoints and feelings of the various local people involved with the matter; the women who prostitute, the men who pay to the women, the police who try to control the situation, and the citizens demonstrating against prostitution – if you listen to all these different viewpoints, you will come to understand the complexity of the problems with no simple solution.



Alex&David have worked for many years on a variety of TV, documentary, video,and new media projects, with `Revolving Door' being their first animated documentary project together. Alexandra has made several documentaries, including `It's Business Doing Pleasure' for ABC televison(Australia). The pair both worked on the 6-part documentary TV series `Red Light Girls' filmed on location in London, Los Angeles & Melbourne, Produced by Granada Television (UK) and broadcast throughout Europe. ALex& David established `Beeworld Pty Ltd'in 2001 and continue to develope documentary and new media projects.

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2007-07-17 23:08:30

Heavy subject, yet great visual expression!

■ Alexandra and David Beesley 2007-07-18 14:26:42


Our sentiments exactly! Thanks for watching.

- DB

2007-07-16 12:50:08


■ Alexandra and David Beesley 2007-07-18 14:29:45


Thanks for checking out our film, Matsumo!

- DB

2007-07-15 17:20:21

2007-06-27 13:38:21

2007-06-12 11:12:22

2007-06-07 08:00:07


■ Alexandra and David Beesley 2007-07-03 08:45:22

>南十字星 Thanks for viewing our little doco!

2007-06-04 18:28:59

Dan Monceaux
2007-05-30 22:36:17

An interesting subject and a very laborious technique... good way of masking the people's identities I guess. I was left asking myself how much of it was truth and how much was fiction though. Did you really have access to filming a prostitute getting busted on the street, or was it acted out from sound recordings, or dramatised? The driver's openness was hard to believe. I'd like to hear more about your process.

■ Alexandra and David Beesley 2007-05-31 07:59:52

>Dan Monceaux Dear Dan - thanks for the feedback! Yes, it was an extremely laborious technique ... over 14,000 hand-drawn frames! The reason we adopted this approach was (as you correctly summised) to shield identities, but perhaps to also 'soften' the entire piece, as it can be quite confronting and we wanted to avoid 'preaching to the converted', so we feel animation makes the doc more accessible, and, lastly, we wanted to leave open the possibility that perhaps Gillia herself had made the film, hence the slightly naive and distressed quality of the animation. Sadly, the entire piece is factual ... we spent over 4 years filming on the streets of St Kilda, and during this time had the full cooperation of our participants, including Gillian and the notorious client (driver)! You should have heard the drivers comments that we left on the cutting room floor! Thanks for your comments once again. - Alex & Dave.

■ Dan Monceaux 2007-06-02 15:13:02

Wow... I guess it takes that kind of time and attention to build up trust and occasionally 'get lucky' with access to subjects. I'm impressed by your discipline and commitment to the form and more importantly the subject. Keep up the good work.

2007-05-30 12:01:07

Fantastic and innovative documentry format. Visually stunning animation transfixes, providing a softened vessel for the pure, albeit confronting, real issue. A must see, fantastic work! (and great to see a husband and wife duo too!)

2007-05-25 13:31:56