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The Tell Tale Heart



The film portrays a man having a friendly chat with a policeman in a room where a dead body is hidden. The man thinks that he has committed the perfect crime, but little by little, he begins to hear a knocking sound. The sounds gradually increase in volume, as if trying to rob the man of his calm. The portrayal will make a stunning impact on the viewer.



Raul Garcia was born in Madrid (Spain). He studies filmmaking at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. He has worked professionally in animation since he was 19 when while still in college he was hired to work as animator for legendary tv animation studio Hanna-Barbera. After 8 years working in tv series, Raul’s left Spain to join the international cast of “Asterix and Caesa’s Surprise” in Paris starting his career as animator in feature films. He co-directed in 1983 the award winner short“Woman waiting in an hotel” followed by “Night Gallery". In 1984 his film “Animarathon” was part of of the“Olympics of Animation” at the 1984 los Angeles Olympic games, invited by Asifa Hollywood and The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Raul has worked as an animator in 26 feature films. Including 9 years as a Disney's animator in films like "Who framed Roger Rabbit", "Aladdin", "Lion King" "Pocahontas", "Huntchback of Notre Dame", "Hercules", "Tarzan" and "Fantasia", following a stint as sequence director in "The Rugrats in Paris", "Jimmy Neutron, boy genius" and "The wild thornberries movie". Recent projects include "Sian Ka'an, an angel in the rainforest" and "Backyard heroes".
As Director 2004. The Tell tale heart. Cortometraje 7 minutos Animaci・n 3D. R&R COMMUNICATIONS. Co-producci・n con Kandor Graphics (Espa・a) Melusine Productions (Luxemburgo) 2003. Sian Ka’an: Angel in the Rainforest. Largometraje. Director para Muvi Films.  En producci・n. Distribuci・n con Paramount. 2002. The Wild Thornberries movie. Director de Secuencia para Klasky-Csupo /Paramount. 2001. Jimmy Neutron. Largometraje. Director de Secuencia para Klasky-Csupo / Paramount. Pelicula nominada al Oscar a mejor pelcula de animaci・n. 1999. The Rugrats in Paris. Largometraje. Director de Secuenciapara Klasky-Csupo/ Cocoa pebbles video game. Anuncio publicitario. (CM)Class-key chew-po commercials 1995.- Caja de Madrid. Anuncio publicitario.(CM) Petrilak films. Glendale, California. Lucky Charms, Goops, Burger King, Connect four . Anuncios publicitarios. (CM)Passion Pictures. London, England. The Day the song Danced. 30 minutos. Pelicula directa a video. CCC/Hanho. Seoul, Korea.Supervisor de animaci・n. Delirium. Pelicula de largometraje imagen real. Co-director. El regador regado films. Madrid, Spain. Animarathon.Cortometraje comisionado por "The Academy of Motion Pictures Art and Sciences of Hollywood". Raul Garcia Productions. Madrid, Spain. "Galeria Nocturna". Cortometraje. Co-director.Metropolis Films. Madrid, Spain. 1982.- "Mujer esperando en un hotel".Cortometraje. Co-director. Metropolis films. Madrid, Spain. Primer premio en el Festival de Cine de Cortometrajes de Bilbao. Espa・a As Animator and Supervisor 2001-2003.Captain Crunch commercials. Director de animaci・n.Celluloid studios. Oregon The Drew Carey green screen show. Piloto para TV Acme Films Hollywood California Fantasia 2000. Walt Disney Productions. Burbank, California. Beethoven's 5th. Walt Disney Productions. Burbank, California. Human Again. Walt Disney Productions. Burbank, California, secuencia especial para Beauty and the Beast Tarzan. Walt Disney Productions. Burbank, California. Hercules. Walt Disney Productions. Burbank, California. Hunchback of Notre Dame. Walt Disney Productions. Burbank, California. Pocahontas. Walt Disney Productions. Burbank, California. Lion King. Walt Disney Productions. Burbank, California. Aladdin. Walt Disney Productions. Burbank, California. Fievel goes West. Amblin entertainment. London, England. All Dogs go to Heaven. Sullivan-Bluth/Felix films. London, England. Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Walt Disney/Amblin productions. London,England. ("Smile darn-ya smile" ). Land Before Time. Sullivan-Bluth studios. Dublin, Ireland. The Chipmunks Great Adventure. Bagdassarian Productions. Seoul, Korea. (Animator and clean-up supervisor). Asterix in Britain. Gaumont Studios. Paris, France. Asterix and Caesar's surprise. Gaumont Studios. Paris, France. Les Dalton en Cavale. Filman Studios/Gaumont. Madrid, Spain. Katy Caterpillar. Moro Studios/Televisa/Filman studios. Madrid, Spain. Animador/cameraman en Hanna-Barbera TV series The Flintstones, The Smurfs, Lucky Luke....
Screening / Award history:
AWARDS: Premio del Jurado, Art Futura 2005; Mejor Corto, Mejor Director en el Festival de Jovenes Realizadores de Granada; Premio RTVA en Animator, etc. SCREENING: Art Futura 2005; Festival Jovenes Realizadores de Granada; Animator; Houston International Film Festival; Sacramento; River's Edge Film Festival, etc.

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2007-02-21 11:48:22

The black and white is good. If some suspense can be used, not just telling us a story, I think it would be better.

2007-02-21 08:07:40

2007-02-12 20:02:16

Elinor Geller
2007-02-12 02:34:25

I sometimes found the black and white a bit stark and hard to take in visually sometimes. But perhaps thats what you need with a disturbing tale and uncomfortable moments. well done :)

2007-02-07 23:36:29

sorry, but I think the read-out story conjures up better images than the ones you came up with. too much details, too little magic, and nothing to support the mise-en-scene. at least you have Bella doing his regular good act!

2007-02-07 10:28:49

outstanding, the 3d models must be very impressive. its a pity that it is so close to breccia's comic.

Raul Garcia
2007-02-01 05:17:00

2007-02-01 01:48:29

A wonderful recreation of a mighty tale from Poe.