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April Fool's death



A baby-sitter named Emma looks after Carole and Maxime's baby. The mother doesn't trust Emma and is afraid the baby could be mistreated. When Emma discovers a domestic video camera, the trouble begins… A topical, award-winning work that has gained the support of moviegoers in film festivals throughout Europe.



Jimmy is a writer and a director since 4 years. he has studied the writing in a famous French school the he wrote several scripts for televisions. Then he decided to write for directing his own movies.
Short Film "L'Esprit Ouvert (6') - Comedy -16mm Produced Lamerco PRODUCTIONS With Sacha Bourdo
Screening / Award history:
<Grand prix Du Jury> Festival Mamers en mars (mars 2006) <Prix De La Jeunesse> Festival Mamers en mars (mars 2006) <Prix Du Public> Festival du court metrage - Velizy-Villacoublay (mars 2006) <Prix Du Public> Festival du film d'action d'aventures-Valenciennes (mars 2006) <Prix Du Public> Festival International du film court de Lille (mars 2006) <Prix De La Jeunesse> Festival International du film court de Lille (mars 2006) <Ours D'argent> Festival der nationen d'Ebensee, Autriche (Juin 2006) <Prix Du Public> Festival du Court Metrage en plein air de Grenobre (Juillet 2006) Decembre 2005/S16mm/1.85/Couleur/Dolby SR/21' Selections France:<Festival du Court-Metrage>-Velizy-villacoublay <mars 2006)/ <Festival international du film d'aventure> Valenciennes (mars 2006) <Festival du Court Metrage> - Lille (Mars 2006) / <Festival Mamers-en Mars> - Mamers (Mars 2006) <Festival International de Contis> - Contis (Juin 2006)/<Week-End en Courts> - Paris Espace Pierre Cardin (Juin 2006) / <Festival du Court Metrage en plein air> - Grenoble(Juillet 2006) / <Festival Court 18>-Paris(Juillet 2006) / <Cine sans Filet> Alet les bains (Aout 2006) / Festival de Saint Benoit - lle de la reunion (Septembre 2006) / (Cine Bocage Festival Jean Carmet> - Avermes (Octobre 2006) / <Festival Off-Courts> - Trouville (Septembre 2006) / <Festival Ecren Libre> - Aigues-Mortes Novembre 2006) Selections Etranger: (Cinema Jove International Film Festival> - Valence Espagne (Juin 2006) / <Festival der Nationen> Ebensee Autriche (Juin 2006) / <Festival Cinenygma> - Luxembourg Luxembourg (Octobre 2006) / <Onasbruck FilmFest>/ Onasbruck Allemagne (Octobre 2006) Ventes TV France: 13eme RUE/TPS Star

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2006-12-26 10:27:52

I loved this tasty french treat. Cinematography terrific, acting superb and concept fresh. Kudos to the production team

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2006-12-19 22:29:49

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2006-12-17 23:51:12

面白い映画ですね。 フランスでは魚の形に切り取った紙がエープリルフールの象徴。背中に気づかれないように貼り付けるのが慣わし。これを知らないと分からないところもあるかも。

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2006-12-17 23:39:45

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2006-12-17 01:04:00

some support for you keep going.

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2006-12-16 13:50:47

What a black comedy with unexpected ending just for April Fool.

2006-12-13 11:53:46

こんなことは、フランス人じゃないとできない! 大人も子供もこんなに、ふざけたことを真剣に楽しんでできるのは、日本人にはなかなか理解できませんが、作品はよくできていたと思います。 最後は、ちょっとかわいそうだったかな・・・