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A film rendition of a true story set against the background of the conflict in Northern Ireland. A letter arrives for a young British soldier stationed in Belfast. The letter is from a woman with whom he once spent a night. In contrast, extremist vigilante groups roam the streets of the city in a frenzied search for the British.



Benrae Productions Ltd. is a London/Dublin based company, formed in 1999 by award-winning Irish actor, writer and director, Conor McDermottroe; developing and producing features and short films, as well as television and theatre projects across the UK and Ireland. As well as several feature films and a TV series in development Conor's credits include "A Woman's Hair", winner of the Venice Short Film Festival 2005, and the critically-acclaimed one man theatre productions, Swansong, which he is presently adapting for the big screen.
"20 or 22" Writer/Director (2005) "A Woman's Hair" Writer/Director (2005), Winner of Best Film at Venice Short Film Festival "Squaddie" Writer/Director (2004)
Screening / Award history:
Squaddie - Screened at the Galway Film Festival 2004 - Screened on RTE Irish National Broadcaster, April 2005 - Screened for the Samhlaiocht Kerry Film Festival 2006

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2007-01-12 18:01:08

この監督は凄い! ストーリーとかショートフィルムだとか、全く関係無く、これは完璧な一本の映画だ。

no name..
2007-01-08 12:04:41

editing is rather choppy but casting acting story are all great. i don't know if you need the disco girl insert.. in real life neither of them would be attracted to the other because they are both too beautiful... what's up with the two ladies wanting to help? shouldn't they know better to stay away from young men?! or they get robbed like that! good effort overall...

2006-12-26 11:26:47

Superb drama. The tension and the conflict of the Irish and the English is global and pitiful. Well acted with high production values.

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2006-12-23 00:48:20


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2006-12-09 10:04:30

Wicked !!

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2006-12-08 04:43:56

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2006-12-03 20:02:28

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2006-11-29 22:48:40

nice pace. interesting angle on the subject matter. cool dovetailing on the plot. great cinematic feel to the soundtrack, in particular the outro music

2006-11-29 12:26:27


no name..
2006-11-29 12:15:02

excellent cinematography