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Fernando's First Snow



Fernando, a young immigrant boy, recalls memories of his older sister. Two people with nowhere to go in this foreign land of America. After an argument with his sister over a trifling matter, he sees snow for the first time in his life. Poetic imagery by director highly acclaimed by the magazine “Cahiers du Cinema.”



Jared Katsiane teaches filmmaking in the same public housing development where he grew up in Boston. His awardwinning films have screened at all sorts of venues around the world, and he has received fourteen grants and fellowships. Jared's 2005 film Solace premiered at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, was awarded the Silver Prize at he 47th Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Film, screened at 25 other festivals, and was hailed as a "milestone" by the editor of France's premier film journal, Cahiers du Cinema.
United States
"Fernando's First Show" - 2006 "Girl Climbing Trees" - 2006 "Superhero" - 2006 "Everyday Is New" - 2006 "Solace" - 2005 "amBUSHed" - 1992 "New Folks On The Block" 1991
Screening / Award history:
"Fernando's First Show" 10th ToniCorti Festival, Padova, Italy: Sept 1-10, 2006 9th Auburn International Film Festival, Australia: Sept 18-22, 2006 5th Nueva Mirada International Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina: Oct 19-25, 2006

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good movie

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Very poignant

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Thought-provoking. Essentially beautiful.

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2007-01-12 02:48:22

sensitive, realistic, nostalgic, poetic....

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2007-01-12 01:04:41

Sensitively rendered scenes. A range of emotions beautifully conveyed to the viewer.This is a very good short.