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Parental guidance suggested; It contains violent and/or explicit sexual scenes



What is “ego,” this invisible force that makes men so cruel and that paints such ugly expressions on the human face? This work violently depicts the “anti-capital punishment” message in an effort to make the viewer reflect on this issue.



Licensed by the Superior School of Arts and Spectacles (TAI). (TAI). Specialised in Cinema Direction and TV Realisation. 2002 Promotion. Studying at La Laguna University. Faculty of Philosophy. Seminar at the Universidad Internacional Menndez Pelayo, “Dialogues about the audiovisual” from the script till the market 2003. Course of Final CUT Pro 3. Cinema and TV Edition. Centro de Capacitaci・n Multimedia. Madrid. Course of “Bases for Cinema and TV Interpretation”, imparted by the director and scripter Mr. Andrs Koppel. June 1998, Canary Islands School of Actors. Bachelor of Arts and Selectividad by the School of Arts Fernando Estvez.
2003 : Director and Scripter of the cortometraje, “El Tatuaje”, 35 mm. Performed by the actors Unax Ugalde, Carla Snchez, Carlos Quintana, Paola Bontempi and Yamil Omar.
Screening / Award history:
Selected for the International Market of Clermont-Ferrand 2003, muestra de 8 cortometrajes representando al corto espa・ol. Special Mention by the jury to the best cortometraje in the International Cinema Festival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2003, Oficial Section and Canary Forum. Selected for the 16th Edition of the Cinema Week of Medina del Campo 2003. Opting for the award of Best Director and Photography. Selected for the IV Muestra Internacional of Cortometrajes of Almu・car. Selected in the VI Certamen Internacional de Cortometrajes del Pas del Bidasoa.

28 people voted

2007-05-15 00:12:36

I wonder if Nasija lived an unhappy life or not. I think most people think she is a sad lonely woman. But for me, she always looked calm and accepted everything analyzing her life. Very good movie.

2007-05-14 23:55:58

Such an impressive and strong story-telling. I felt each color expresses its own nature very well.

2007-05-11 01:16:59

I wish Nasija would know who would love her as she is, and who could proudly stand beside her..... Very sad but nice film !

2007-05-08 14:08:22

I didn't like most of the men in this film. They are so cruel and brutal and sad. But I liked the film itself though it's shocking. Good story-telling !

2007-05-04 23:08:44

I think the director is very observant. The images are eye-catching though sometimes a bit shocking, and the story-telling is nice and well-structured !

2007-05-03 23:58:20

I felt that it depicts cruelty of capital punishment via Nasija's life very well. I think using colors is also a nice idea. Very good film !

2007-05-01 01:36:14

I think this film appeals to all the people in the world. It succeeded in dealing with a very delicate subject in an effective way. It's definitely one of the best !

2007-04-28 13:49:00

強いメッセージです。こうやって行われている現実が自分たち一人一人が気がつき変えていかなければ、ならない姿なのでないでしょうか?!This is strong message!We dont want to it If we are !

2007-04-25 22:46:39

主人公の感情と一体化する事を目指したかのような映像の構成 がテーマと直結していて素晴らしいです。

2007-04-24 23:16:14

I love black, but if black is defined as a color without light, I don't want anyone to live a black life like Nasija. Everybody needs light. Very shocking but a nice film.