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One day, hundreds of clouds suddenly descended on a poor, sterile village in Spain. Villagers were left to find hundreds of sheep hanging down from every bough of trees all over the village… Led by the words of an elderly man, we witness the extraordinary event that changed the life of a village forgotten amid the fog. Images brimming with a sense of inquisitiveness form the center of this mysterious tale that imparts the feeling of pursuing the continuation of a dream.



Borned in Mexico City on july 25th, 1972, he studied graphic design at the National University of Mexico (UNAM). He’s been working in animation for more than 8 years, doing mostly publicity projects. In 2004 he moved to Barcelona, where he made a master in animation at the Pompeu Fabra University, where worked on the project ‘Niebla” which became his first short film.
2006 - NIEBLA (FOG)
Screening / Award history:
Basauri Animation International Film Festival, AnimaBasauri 2006 (Spain) SICARM Concurso de Animacion 3D (Spain) Annecy Plus 2006 (France) SPECIAL PRICE Siggraph Computer Animation Festival 2006 (USA) HIROSHIMA International Animation Festival 2006 (Japan) SPECIAL PRICE Ohnekohle Video Film Festival 2006 (Wien) 6th Hull International Short Film Festival (UK) Taiwan International Animation Festival (Taiwan) Foc Cinema Red Shift Film Festival

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2007-04-14 15:08:54

2007-03-09 08:29:16

Beautiful... just beautiful...

■ Emilio Ramos 2007-03-10 19:13:31

Muchas gracias Don Martz. Es ud. toda una eminencia y me honra con su comentario. Reciba un fuerte abrazo.

■ claumartz 2007-03-17 09:00:32

>Emilio Ramos Dear senor Ramos You are a chingon, and your animation corto, "moved my carpet" that is "me movio el tapete"... so... I just quiero decirle que "lets go lyeing down" o sea "amonos tendidos"... and I hope we can work together pronto!! muchoseleextrana. My best deseos and mucho love Clau Martz

■ Emilio Ramos 2007-05-29 06:11:54

Don claumartz si, lets go leying down!

2007-03-01 02:37:36

Wow!! I simply loved it. It left me thinking. Great!

2007-02-21 15:06:32

Maybe sometimes we experience a loss of identity, but if we don`t lose our soul, we`ll have hope!

2007-02-11 09:46:10

Congratulations for this work and go for the next project.

2007-02-10 06:18:05

When i saw this work for the very first time(months ago), what trapped me was the great look, then the beautiful music and sound, later the character animation, the edition and camara movement. With all these elements the mood and sense of loneliness are expressed very well. But at that time i don't get the story, so now i focused on the storytelling but i still dont get it fully, im confused about the source, the meaning and the relationship between this fog and the sheeps, it seems like they symbolism is abundance and faith, and fog express emptiness, so im confused about the origin of both in the story. What cause the arrive of sheeps, hope? And what causes their departure, hopeless? Are the sheeps part of this character dreams? Great work. Congratulations to all of you!

■ Emilio Ramos 2007-02-18 00:23:29

>Sonico, Thanks for your comments and sorry for this late answer. I hope this clears your doubts, although what i intended to provoque with this work was different personal interpretations. (In fact, I'm interested to know what would be your interpretation). So, the main character is strongly based on my grandmother. She was a very complex person, with many frustrations in life. She was born during the mexican revolution so she experienced the lack of material posessions all her life. But she was also very kind and loving with her family. She was a mix of marked strenghs and weaknesses. Anyway, at the end of her life she suffered of dementia. She lost her memory. "My mind is leaving me" she used to say distressed, when she noticed. With time the only moments we could comunicate with her was asking her about her past life. Those memories were the last to vanish. In those moments the living people were often forgotten, (me, for example: "who are you?", "No, Emilio was young and didn't have a beard") and her dead husband, her mom and brothers- were among her. In any moment they could come and be part of the conversation. "wait for "El Guero" and he will tell you how exactly hapened". That is what I tried to express in the film: That complex world in which old people live, when their memory ("mind", maybe) leave them. So, the character Rosario is no longer with El Pep. But he thinks she is around. Not as a ghost but as a living person. Maybe she went to buy bread. The sheep with the moments of preosperity represent the yearning of happy moments that are gone now (also a common feeling of latinamerican people who have always lived in economical crisis). And yes, you can interpret that desire of the returning of the sheep is his feelling of loneliness because Rosario is no longer with him.

■ sweety 2007-02-21 15:02:20

>Emilio Ramos According to this illustration, we can understand your movie better. Thank you!

2007-02-09 00:06:12

2007-02-07 08:44:49

a beautiful script and the visual style that combines 3d and 2d images result in this astonishing short film. congratulations.

2007-01-30 16:15:25


2007-01-30 10:19:37

Excellent work, well rounded story, very interesting the idea of playing with reality and dreams, without being totally surrealist. Very atractive visually, good use of scale and space, as well as textures and movement. One of the bst of the festival