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This story that centers on a single shoe is tinged with mystery and lyricism that arises from the accumulation of commonplace, everyday actions. The beautiful images that surround the characters with a piano accompaniment that depicts their feelings evoke in the viewer a sense of hearing breaths from the streets. The director says the piece “symbolically represents Armenia (as an old shoe).”



Artak "Sevada" Grigorian was born in Armenia in 1972 into a family of an artist and a teacher. In 1999 he opens Sevada Productions where he does graphics, animated websites, television commercials and infomercials. As he will put it later on, he gets one step closer to making a film as he accomplishes number of projects at his studio. Finally, he has an idea for a short movie. He realizes the idea on a piece of paper and draws the story board. Sevada envisions the film to be shot in Armenia, in his home country. So, he makes some contacts and flies there to plan out the whole project. There, Sevada puts together a crew and shoots the film. Then, he flies back to USA and edits the film. That becomes his debut short film. Meanwhile, he has another idea for a movie which gets turned into a script for a feature length film. Now he is making plans to begin shooting the feature length movie.
Armenia / United States
First Motion film. Currently in Post production, editing the 2nd and 3rd parts of the short film trilogy.
Screening / Award history:
Cannes 2006 Official Selection, Clermont-Ferand 2006, Sapporo Japan 2006, Jav Festival in Spain 2006 (Official Selection), Golden Apricot 2006 (official Selection), Tirana-Albania (People's Choice Award).

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A well executed pastiche of circumstances,engaging and cerebral. Like the movement of the music haunting.

2007-04-04 21:25:06

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2007-03-30 14:25:21

Poetic and has its own texture. Also liked the pace of the film.

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2007-03-13 02:34:46

I know, I will be asked a lot, so let me start by saying, "Mikosh" means "A Single Shoe". It represents solitude and our hope to find our own pair in life. It also represents Armenia in its solitude within this "OIL driven" world, where no one cares about an old country that has seen many wars, (1915) genocide, yet has survived to tell its story. New world is modern and fancy, but there's nothing like your old shoes that you just can't get rid of, coz they're comfortable and they are yours. We are all good for something and at the same time good for nothing, and this becomes more apparent when we are alone. Like the shoe, a person drifts through life, and is influenced, affected, used, and abused by others. And meaning is usually found when we find a place where we are needed and loved. ”Mikosh” is a delightful reflection on life. It was a pleasure making it.