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Imaginary Friend Practical Manual (abreviated)



Fernando is a shy 27 year old young man who receives the visit of an old classmate, Iratxe. This arouses jealousy in his imaginary friend, Captain Kiloton, a superhero that had stood by his side since he was a kid, and who feels their friendship is now in jeopardy...



Altabás was born in Zaragoza, but soon he had to pack his stuff and move to Madrid, where he studied Audiovisual Communication; and later on, to Los Angeles, where he studied Cinema with the New York Film Academy. Once he finished his degree, he continued his education for two years in the London Film School, where he filmed his first good-enough-to-show short film, “Phobia” - all his previous works are conveniently buried under ground.

“Phobia” was presented at the 59th edition of the Venice Film Festival (Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica di Venezia) and it won more than 30 awards in different international film festivals. The figure doubled with his next short film, “DVD”, with César Camino, Aroa Jimeno and Manuel Tallafé in the leading roles, and Fernando Esteso as a special guest star. “DVD” was premiered at the Alcalá de Henares Film Festival, where it won the First Award and started its successful trajectory through various film festivals around the world, conquering over 60 awards.

It was then when Ciro founded the small production company “RETROproducciones” and filmed in Japan the short film “Made in Japan” and the documentary “Hobby” about the video game world and some characteristic hobbies in the Japanese culture. “Hobby” won the best screenplay award in the ZonaZine Section of the Málaga Film Festival, and is being broadcasted on Canal +. Now he is presenting "A Practical Guide for Imaginary Friends (Abridged)", with Luis Larrodera and Christian Sampedro, as well as a pilot of a series called “Frikiplanet”.

Altabás has written screenplays for long films and tv-movies for Manga Films and Vaca Films. Besides, he has taught Film Production in Camilo José Cela University, collaborated as a video-game expert for the magazine “Primera Línea”, and translated some works for the publishing house “8 1/2”.

Other than that, in his spare time, he likes to play 80s videogames, listen to Flaming Lips, read Eisner, Nick Hornby and a truthfully absurd variety of magazines. He hates speaking about himself in the third person.

Screening / Award history:

“Phobia” premiere at 59th Venice Film Festival
(Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica di Venezia)
over 30 awards in international film festivals around the world

“DVD” premiere at the Alcalá de Henares Film Festival, First Award
over 60 awards in international film festivals around the world

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