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Berac kamena (The Stone Picker)



The Stone Picker works and dances in old Mediterranean stone-pit, but without the use of machinery. No dialogue. Only foot-step dance in silent and stone sounds. How can such a hard way to earn a living produce such a unique and wonderful Mediterranean person...



Croatia (local name: Hrvatska)
Branko Istvancic was born in Subotica. At Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb graduated Film and TV direction in 1999. Making his 1st documentary fils at 15, he has continuously been involved with documentary films. He has received Croatian, as well as many International awards for his work. Deeply enrooted in the Croatian documentary tradition, he pays special attention to the humanity, but also humoristically portrays his subjects. His documentary film, "Wellman (Bunarman)" (2003), continues this tradition and elevates the simple story about a well digger to the level of a universal metaphor, but without the pretentious nature of many Croatian documentaries. The critics consider his documentary "The Cormorant Scarecrow (Plasitelj kormorana)" (1998) to be one of the best Croatian documentaries of the 90's. His recent film "The Ghost in the Swamp (Duh u mocvari)" (2006) has been chosen to mark the comeback of feature-length films for children, which have not been made by the Croatian film industry for the last 20 years. He is also a member of Croatian Film Director's Guild.
Screening / Award history:
Tourfilm Festival Split 2006 - Award for best editing
Abruzzo Italy 2009 - Special Mention Jury Award

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